Colombian Truck Simulator

The Colombian truck simulator is among the latest series of truck simulation games, providing a realistic driving experience amidst varying adventurous terrains. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Simulation games attempt to replicate real life activities, imparting a real world experience to participants or players. Some games are designed for the purpose of training and analysis, while others are designed as learning exercises. War games and business games are some of the popular simulation games. Flight simulators and truck simulators have gained popularity for their realistic living world effects. It is amazing to experience such reality in the virtual world.

The Colombian truck simulator

It is a video game set in simulated environment, where the player drives the truck across cities that are based on road-networks reflecting real world locations. Players choose their first truck with some specified budget and start taking jobs from different fictitious firms to deliver cargo and earn money. The money is spent on fueling the truck, to upgrade the current truck or purchase a new one. The objective is to expand the business to several countries and obtain the required licenses to carry flammable goods and chemicals.

Overview of the Colombian truck simulator

The 18 Wheels of Steel Trucker developed by SCS software is among the latest series, which is designed to simulate truck driving through roads that are set to simulate a real-world environment. The game renders a realistic truck-driving experience on several roads, with graphics to portray the weather and terrain. The locations involved are indeed extreme, including ice roads, fierce jungles and dry deserts. The player will also have to bid against competitors in order to secure jobs for the business. The loads are of various types, such as minimum loads, maximum loads, high-risk cargo and oversized loads. The deadlines are extreme as well, adding to the adventure.


The trucks are meticulously designed with realistic details that are comparable with real trucks. The interiors of the trucks are equally impressive and the actual working parts like flash indicators, fuel warning lights, wipers, speedometer, etc. are built precisely into the three-dimensional model, rendering an immersive simulation atmosphere.

There are a wide variety of trucks that the player can choose from, and the choice should be such that the business potential is maximized. The player can even swing around the cabin, as if he or she is seated on the wheel in a real truck, such as viewing rear view mirrors. At every depot, the earnings have to be collected, and fines will be deducted for any traffic violations. The business is spread into different countries, and carrying dangerous cargo pays more.

The player drives across realistic roads, visiting beautiful cities and picking up cargos and delivering them. The Colombian simulator is not only an adventurous game, but it also imparts a learning experience, as the player can learn about the various cities, roads and even the science of trucks.

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