Columbia Fleece Vest

Columbia fleece vest is high-performance apparel with plush fleece lining and water-repellant properties, which make it warm and convenient for the outdoors. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Fleece vests are ideal for winter, and they are also cozy and comfortable when the temperature is mild during the fall. With wind proof and waterproof features, fleece vests are also light and breathable. They are quite suitable to wear while traveling or during trekking ventures. They can be worn as an extra layer under heavy clothes, particularly when the temperature drops very low.

Characteristics and styles of the Colombia fleece vest

It is made of plush micro-fleece, which is perceptibly soft and the fabric has a water-resistant and stain-resistant Omni-Shield finish. Further, it is exceptionally light, easy to dry, and is relatively safer on skin, as it is not itchy even when worn for longer durations. The insulation level varies according to the thickness of the vest, and they come in a variety of styles to form interesting combinations with other clothing items.

The openings are either zippered or buttoned, and hoods are provided with some models. Men’s fleece vests are sufficiently rugged to resist different outdoor conditions, during camping, hiking or trekking, and for other routine activities like jogging that require physical exertion. The shell is made of polyester and is available in several colors.

Columbia fleece vest for women and kids

As the fleece does not hide other fashionable clothing worn under it, it is much favored by the fashion-conscious lot, particularly women. The availability of various colors, styles and patterns, including embroidered patterns, form a welcome feature for women and kids. Though the vest is likely to be used frequently, during chilly mornings or during outdoor games in cold weather, it is durable and can be expected to remain presentable and in good condition for years to come. Regular washing does not damage their properties and hence, they are fit for routine outside activities of kids.

Use of Columbia fleece vests

The lightweight feature of the vest makes its waterproof feature more pronounced, as its utility range is diversified. With protective, comfortable and favorable features, it is considered perfect for activities like snowboarding, hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, and similar activities. It is usually worn over other clothing during such exertive activities or during holiday activities like campfire. When paddling in water, it retains hardly any water, and even if it does get wet, it dries up quickly. Stand-up collars are also an effective feature, and most models use plastic zippers rather than metal in order to render a better feel during chilly weather conditions.

Unlike heavy overcoats, the versatility and lightness of Columbia fleece vests make them staple for autumn or fall, besides adding to the style and fashion of other apparel.

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