Cheap Indian Bangles

Want to buy cheap Indian bangles? Learn more on how to accessorize with a cheap Indian bangle set…

Indian bangles are popular fashion accessories in India and abroad. They’re available in different designs and materials and range from the very expensive ones to the moderately priced bangle sets.

Depending on your usage you can create a collection of Indian bangles since they are reasonable and durable. You can get glass bangles, stainless steel bangles or sterling silver bangles from different marketplaces or online retailers.

If you want a richer and more elaborate look then you can have cheap Indian bangles plated with rhodium or gold to make them look rich and regal.

Usually you can purchase silver bangles in India and then have gold plated or rhodium plated to match your outfit. With the latest technique used the shine and color is retained for over three years.

This means that you do not have to invest in expensive gold jewelry and you can wear different designs over the years by using this strategy. With the popularity of cheap Indian bangles a lot of jewelers have started replicating their gold designs in cheaper metals and then following the gold plating technique.

Different Ways of Accessorizing With Cheap Indian Bangles

For an everyday festive look you can enjoy a combination of fancy or plain glass bangles that have stainless steel or cheap silver bangles on both ends to make it look like a big bracelet. One advantage of buying cheap Indian bangles is that you can match the colors to different outfits.

If you do not want to invest in a large amount of bangles then it is a good idea to buy half a dozen of each color and use them in combination with each other. Apart from this, you can also buy cheap Indian bangles which have adjustable sizes and can be used as an arm band when required. These are available in different designs and finished off with motifs inspired by animals, plants and flowers.

Traditional Cheap Indian Bangles

Each region of India is famous for its own bangles designs. These may be created either in silver, stainless steel, or glass or even with clay powder or ivory. The range of price is amazing because you can find each of these materials at a reasonable price from different retailers.

Glass bangles are traditionally available in bright and vibrant colors. In fact if you enter a glass bangles shop you’ll be amazed at the range of shades available for this cheap accessory. Some of the glass bangles are grouped together with glue and embellished with metallic pieces and mirrors.

Still others have glitter pasted on them. However, the most traditional ones are solid and clear in color and probably have a spiral of gold or silver dye spun through them.

The plain ivory bangles are also available in different sizes and make interesting ethnic or contemporary accessories depending on the outfit you wear them with. If worn with trousers and a shirt they will look extremely trendy and when combined with traditional Indian clothing they will accentuate the intensity of the fabric and outfit.

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