Easy Colombian Rice Recipes

Colombian rice recipes are immensely delicious and are very popular. Read our guide below for more facts and information…

Colombia, a famous destination in South America, is full of beautiful cities, landscapes, friendly people and delicious food. Part of it lies on the cool coast of the Pacific Ocean and a part in warm waters of the Caribbean. It has mountains on one part and valleys on the other. The climate, therefore, is most suited for vegetables, fruits and seafood. Over a period of time, Colombia got influenced by Brazilian, Japanese and also Arabic ways of cooking. In addition to this, they have some delectable Colombian rice recipes that can be easily prepared.

Various types of fishes, meats and a lot of vegetables and fruits are used for preparing Colombian rice recipes, which are a very popular part of Colombian cuisine. However, their delicacies differ within the mountain and coastal regions. People have three meals every day with the lunch being the main meal.

Dressing and food habits

In Colombia, everything changes depending on the region. Their dress, food habits and preferred drinks are different if you are on the coast, jungle or valley. It makes the country rich and interesting. However, the regions have many things in common. Food is taken seriously and their techniques are the same as in olden days, creating a feeling of togetherness and nationalism which they are unwilling to change. Arepa, Fritanga and Sancocho are some traditional Colombian dishes.

Colombian comfort food

Their main side dish is “Arepa”. This bread is cornmeal-based and resembles a thick pancake. It is eaten along with butter. “Arroz con coco” is another popular side dish and is a popular Colombian rice recipe. “Cajiaco” is a comfort food. It is chicken soup prepared with the help of two types of potatoes, corn, caper, sour cream and guasca, which is an herb from South American.

“Lechona” is from Tolima region and for making it, a complete roasted pig is stuffed with rice, green onion, yellow peas, green onion and spices and cooked in clay oven for ten hours. This Colombian rice recipe is extremely popular at parties.

Popular Colombian dishes

“Morcilla rellena” is a blood sausage served deep-fried and is a common food. “Bandeja paisa” is very filling meal and is also known as national dish of Colombia. It is big platter having grilled steak, fried pork, rice, banana chips, red beans and fried egg.

“Sancocho” is another popular recipe whose preparation varies in different towns. It includes plantains, potatoes, chicken corn and cassava. In place of chicken, pork or fish could also be used. The delectable “Quesillo” is a double cream cheese that is wrapped in leaves of banana.

“Puchero Antioqueño”, a light soup, contains rice, pork, potatoes, chicken, yuccas, manioc, arracachas, beef, green banana, cabbage, carrot, beans, sausage and onion. Generally, it is served with pulp of avocado, boiled eggs and hot sauce. You need a large pot to prepare this. Place the pot on fire, add the sausage and meat in it with lots of water, and let it boil well. When it has boiled well then add the potatoes, peeled green bananas, arracacha and yuccas. Add the carrots and the banana without removing its skin. Now add the rice, beans, onions, cabbage and salt. Cook well and serve hot with avocado and rice.

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