Interesting Facts Costa Rica

Looking for fun and interesting facts about Costa Rica? Want to know important historical and cultural facts about Costa Rica? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Costa Rica is situated in Central America and has extensive coasts on the shores of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Costa Rica is a country of many beautiful beaches which are a primary attraction for many tourists who come here on vacation simply to sunbathe and relax on the pristine golden sandy beaches of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is also a popular vacation destination with scuba diving enthusiasts as there are several world class coral reefs located off the shores of Costa Rica. The best scuba diving sites in Costa Rica are found off the east coast of Costa Rica. All resort towns in Costa Rica have several diving outfits who can do everything from teach you how to scuba dive to arranging private diving trips for you and your friends.

Surfing Information Costa Rica

Costa Rica is also home to a reasonably sized surfing community which comprises of a healthy mix of locals and tourists. When it comes to surfing in Costa Rica the west coast is definitely the place to be as the pacific waves provide for a more exhilarating experience. There are several surf schools in Costa Rica from where you can rent wet suits, surfboards and other equipment as well as learn how to surf.

Rainforest Information Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country of stunning natural beauty with plenty of undeveloped natural areas. In fact, despite its relatively small size, approximately one fourth of the entire land mass of Costa Rica consists of protected nature reserves and National Parks. The National Parks of Costa Rica are home to hundreds of exotic species of animal and plant life and a trek in the jungles of Costa Rica provides the experience of a lifetime. Many US college students come to the National Parks of Costa Rica on extensive study trips that involve sleeping out in the rainforest for weeks.

Information on People in Costa Rica

The population of Costa Rica consists of a diverse mix of people with differing origins. Although there are native south American Costa Ricans, the majority of the population today are descendants of Spanish people. Education in Costa Rica is excellent with the country having a 96 % literacy rate. Average life expectancy for men is 74 years while for women it is 79. Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is not a big country with a total surface area of 19,730 square miles.The Capital city of Costa Rica is San Jose, located in the center of the country.Costa Rica has four mountain ranges: these are Central and Talamanca in the south of the country and Guanacaste and Tilaran in the north of Costa Rica. Many of the mountains are dormant volcanoes which explains why much of the soil in Costa Rica is so fertile and why Costa Rica has been such a successful producer of coffee.

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