Costa Rica Real Estate Arenal

Interested in buying real estate in Arenal Costa Rica? Want to know about property prices and risks of buying in Arenal Costa Rica? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations in the Americas for tourists from the US and all over the world to visit. In addition, Costa Rica has also proved very popular with property buyers from the US who are either looking for a second home, retirement home of an investment property. Costa Rica has many advantages for US citizens interested in buying real estate there. Firstly, unlike most of the surrounding countries Costa Rica is a real democracy where the rule of law prevails. This provides assurance to prospective buyers of real estate in Costa Rica that their investment should remain safe and they have access to fair representation in the courts should anything go wrong in the future.  Secondly, Costa Rica is a country of extreme natural beauty which plays a large role in many peoples decision to buy real estate here.

Arenal Real Estate Costa Rica

Arenal, which is located deep in the heartland of Costa Rica away from both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of Coasts, is fast becoming the hotspot for shrewd real estate investors wanting to make a profit on the property boom in Costa Rica. Arenal is most famous for it’s volcano which is still active; however, the natural scenery in Arenal is immensely beautiful and varied. Aside form the volcano, there is also lake Arenal which forms a base from which many activities such as fishing, sailing and windsurfing are performed by local residents and tourists alike. Real Estate located on the shores of Lake Arenal is proving especially popular with property investors who are buying up land and building on it. In years to come it is likely that the prices of such real estate in Arenal will sky rocket, but as of yet plots of real estate can still be bought relatively cheaply.

Arenal Real Estate Prices

Despite its immense beauty, the prices of real estate in Arenal are still relatively cheap. This is because traditionally real estate investors have looked to make their money on the coasts of Costa Rica due to the popularity of the beaches with foreign buyers. However, Arenal despite providing the same sunny weather and warm waters of the Lake has traditionally been overlooked although this is fast changing as prime undeveloped real estate on the coasts of Costa Rica is running out. The price of undeveloped real estate plots in Arenal depends largely on location and infrastructure. The nearer the real estate is to Lake Arenal the higher the prices. If you are looking for a particular bargain in Arenal Real Estate look for a plot of land slightly far away from the main road without much infrastructure. The prices of such plots are currently low, although in all likelihood the government will increase spending in infrastructure in Arenal making your plot more accessible and also more valuable.

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