Spanish Immersion Costa Rica

There are a million and one reasons to learn Spanish. There are even more reasons to go to Costa Rica to join an immersion school. Find out what makes this region an ideal place to learn Spanish.

It is no secret that language immersion classes are the best way to become familiar with the desired language that you seek to learn. The Spanish language has of late become a much sought after language and continues to increase in terms of its popularity. Statistics show that it is the second most popular language that people are willing to learn after English. Spanish language immersion programs are commonly held in most of the Spanish speaking countries. Proper schools with proper facilities have been set up which provide the students with a first class learning experience. Amongst the favored spots for Spanish immersion courses is Costa Rica and there are a number of reasons for the people’s choice of Costa Rica.

The nature of immersion classes is such that learning is not restricted to the class room and text books. Rather the reason why people travel to Spanish speaking countries to learn Spanish through this way is to be able to live amongst the local community and get a firsthand experience of the Spanish culture. With the majority of the people in Costa Rica being Spanish the location promises just what a language learner is looking for. Day in and day out an immersion program student will get the chance to eat, drink, walk and talk in Spanish as he interacts in society or has a home stay in one of the Spanish families as part of the immersion program.

Furthermore immersion courses are not hardcore study based programs. Part of the learning process is roaming around and being part of the Spanish society. For this reason people seek to go to places that have the appropriate attractions for them. Costa Rica has a pleasant climate and amazing mountains and beach scenery which makes it a wonderful place for nature lovers and peace finders to go to. The region is an extremely safe and stable place which leaves the students with nothing to worry about. Hence Costa Rica turns out to be a popular choice for Spanish students.

Immersion Schools of Costa Rica

Academia de Idiomas Escazu is one of the region’s top language immersion schools. They offer instruction in small groups with the campus located on the outskirts of San Jose. Another immersion school situated away from the hustle & bustle of city life is the Costa Rica Spanish Institute. The institute offers a relaxing experience to the students in their beach side class rooms. A particular institute that offers classes at all levels starting from a three hour crash course is the Instituto Universal de Idiomas. Rancho de Español is an immersion school situated in Alajuela. They offer typical hard core Spanish language immersion courses with home stays and intensive instruction. Another interesting immersion school is the ASIS Spanish Institute. This particular school combines language studies with environmental work in the tropical rainforest and is located in Javillos. The outskirts of San Jose has several Spanish immersion schools and you will find most of the good immersion schools in the region.

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