Limon Costa Rica Real Estate

Looking for Real Estate for sale in Limon Costa Rica? Want to know the prices of property in Limon or find a real estate lawyer in Costa Rica? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Unlike many other countries in central and South America, Costa Rica is a fully functioning democracy with strong independent institutions that ensure the economic and political stability of the country. This provides a very positive signal for potential real estate investors looking to make a profit in Costa Rica. Not only are the rights of foreign real estate buyers in Costa Rica protected, but the government of Costa Rica has been engaged in a prolonged campaign to promote foreign investment in Costa Rica in the real estate market as well as other fields.

Real Estate Prices Costa Rica

The prices of real estate in Costa Rica have enjoyed a slow but steady ascent over the past few years which is reassuring for investors who are prudent enough to know the difference between a good solid long term property investment and the fly by night get rich quick property scams that are unfortunately all too often to be found in other countries in the region.

Prices of real estate in Costa Rica depend primarily on two facts; location and infrastructure. In terms of location, real estate near the coasts has traditionally been favored. The reason for this is partly to do with the natural beauty of being located near the beach, but also because these areas have better infrastructure as well as shopping and entertainment facilities which exist primarily to service the massive numbers of tourists that set foot on Costa Rica’s beaches every year. However, recently more interest has been sparked in finding real estate more inland that is not only cheaper but may very well sky rocket at some point in the future due to government plans to develop infrastructure in these areas. Such areas can be found near the national parks of Costa Rica as well as the inland lakes. While the coasts of Costa Rica may still be the best place to buy real estate if you are looking to make money in the long term, the much cheaper prices of property in inland rural Costa Rica present an excellent and potentially lucrative opportunity. There are many farms that can be bought in Costa Rica for a fraction of what they would cost in the US and with a little ingenuity can be marketed as alternative vacation destinations.

Real Estate Agents & Lawyers Costa Rica

Although the rule of law in Costa Rica is firm and you are much less likely to get caught up in a property scam here than any other Latin American country, you should still protect your investment through the use of a good lawyer.  Finding a real estate lawyer in Costa Rica is no problem at all and although the national language is Spanish many of the lawyers will be able to speak fluent English and can have all the necessary documents translated for you into English.

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