Hargicourt France

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France is a country of many treasures that manifest themselves in the form of nature, art, culture and traditions. Every region has its own particular treasures which are explored by tourists from all around the world. One such amazing place in France is a small village that goes by the name of Hargicourt.

Although small in size Hargicourt has many special things about it that make it one of the most frequented regions of France. Hargicourt has the unique flavor to it. Here you will be able to witness some amazing French architectural masterpieces and unique cultural events. Some of the major attractions of Hargicourt are as follows.

Church of Notre Dame-Basilica

This magnificent structure was erected in 1885. It was modeled after the famous Virgin Mary from the 14th century and was named after it as well. It is a large sized building which can accommodate huge numbers of pilgrims that would come to the region to venerate the statue. Edmond Duthoit is the architect credited with designing the spectacular building. He chose a mixture of red brick and local stone to give the building its character. The architecture takes inspiration from the Moorish style and has a very elaborate and complex interior decorating theme. Mosaics, frescoes and colored marbles are some of the elements used to design the church building. The most striking feature of the church of Notre Dame was its staggering 62 m high tower which had a statue of the Virgin presenting Christ. The image of this church can be found abundantly in photographs from the first world war because of the famous leaning Virgin that surmounted its tower.

Le P’tit Train

This fun filled spot is situated near Bray sur Somme and is a bit tricky to find for first timers. However it promises a lovely day out for tourists, which is why it has gained prominence over the years. It lies southwards of Albert on the plain of high Somme and is the sole surviving railway of what used to be a massive network of more than 60 railway lines. This real-time network was built by the French in collaboration with the British Army in 1916. The main aim behind the development of the railway network was to open a substantial supply line for equipment and military men during the years of war.

Following the war many of the railway tracks came into commercial use. However most of these railway lines had to be shut because road transport progressed and replaced transport by rail. This particular line survived because it came into being from 1924 till 1971 because of a sugarbeet factory that would use it to transport its goods from the region. In 1971 a group of enthusiasts saved the line from being closed permanently and since then it has become a great tourist attraction.

Other places that are worthy of visiting in Hargicourt include the impressive Cathedrale Notre, Chemin de Fer at the Bay of River Somme and the Church of St Riquir.


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