Typical Clothing Costa Rica

Going on vacation to Costa Rica? Want to know what the typical clothing for men & women in Costa Rica is? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Costa Rica is perhaps the most visited country in Central and South America aside from Mexico, and every year millions of US citizens make their way down south to Costa Rica to enjoy a vacation of sun, sea, sand, great weather and great people. However, when you are visiting a foreign country it’s important to remember that you are a guest and should respect the host nation and it’s people, which means paying attention to a few small things including behavior and clothing.

Generally, Costa Rican people are very friendly and welcoming of visitors to their country so it’s quite hard to unintentionally cause any offence through your clothing or other behavior.  That said, it’s worth knowing about typical clothing in Costa Rica so you can know what to expect and how to blend in.

Typical clothing at the beach in Costa Rica

The majority of visitors to Costa Rica tend to spend most of their vacation on the beaches and in the resort towns that have cropped up to serve the tourism industry. Beach clothing in Costa Rica is the same as anywhere else in the world; swimming trunks for men and bikinis for women. There are no real regulations about short length or anything like that and you can feel comfortable walking around town in your beach shorts as long as you put a vest on after leaving the beach.

Typical clothing in towns in Costa Rica

Away from the touristy beach resorts of Costa Rica, clothing that people wear tends to be more conservative. This is not because Costa Rican people are particularly religious, although they do have strong Catholic roots which is perhaps an indication to why Costa Ricans tend to dress conservatively. In general, Costa Rican men only wear long pants from day to day and the only time they wear shorts is at the beach or at home. Many Costa Rican Men also prefer to wear long sleeved shirts despite the warm weather, although there is nothing out of the ordinary in wearing a t-shirt.

Typical Clothing for women in Costa Rica

Clothing for women in Costa Rica is similarly conservative in that it’s unusual to see a Tican woman walking around town in a mini skirt or wearing a blouse with a very low cleavage. Generally, knee length skirts are worn although wearing pants is also quite typical for Costa Rican women in the cities.

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