1987 American Silver Eagle

Interested in the 1987 American silver Eagle coin? Find out what makes the 1987 silver coin special amongst the collection…

The collection of American silver eagle coins is exhaustive to say the least. It consists of a wide variety of coins that vary in terms of their design, collector’s value as well as investment value. One of the most precious of these coins is the 1987 American silver eagle coin.

1987 American Silver Eagle Design

The coin features exquisite designs on either side. The front side of the coin features a unique design developed by Adolph A. Weinman. The graphic image is known as the Walking Liberty and is regarded as one of the most highly revered symbols of the United States.

The other side has a composition featuring a heraldic eagle developed by John Mercanti. This image features a heraldic eagle that holds up a shield. In its left talon it has an olive branch which is taken as a symbol of freedom. In its other talon it holds a bunch of arrows which signifies the battle readiness of the country.

The silver coin is composed of 99.3% silver. The remaining content is copper which gives the coin some solidity and structure. The 1987 silver eagle coin weighs in at 31.101 grams which equals one whole ounce. It has a diameter of 40.6 mm which is around 1.598 inches.

The thickness of the coin is measured at 2.98 mm which is just around 0.117 inches. The coin features reeded edges and does not have a bullion mark. Since this coin was minted in San Francisco it has the S proof mark printed on its surface. The total number of bullion mintage of the 1987 American eagle silver coin was 11,442,335. The number of proof mintage was 904,732 which is always maintained to be less than the bullion quantity.

1987 American Silver Coin Specialty

An interesting thing to note is that the production of Silver American Eagle coins resumed only in 1986. This means the 1987 coin was minted in just the second year of resumed production. To its credit is also the fact that it was minted in the first year that bullion coins were being sold to the public the whole year round. This was a shift in the trend that had been practiced in the past where bullion coins were only sold in the last two months of the year.

The 1987 silver eagle coin was extremely popular amongst the masses. The total number of 1987 American silver eagle coins sold in the market was over 11 million. This was the highest number of sales recorded for any bullion coin. The 1987 silver American eagle coin maintained this record up until 2008 when it was ousted by that years release.

Modern collector series coins tend to go down in value as newer coins come along. However once they reach to the level where they are counted amongst the classics their value is revived again. Hence it is always worth investing in this coin and holding it for long term. The 1987 silver American eagle coin is being sold at $7.01 per ounce in the market.

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