Croatia Activity Holidays

While many think of Croatia as a beach resort area, the country has much more to offer. For more information on choosing an adventure activity holiday in Croatia read on…

Beautiful mountains offer world class skiing during the winter months and hiking and mountain biking during the mild summers. The capital city of Zagreb has many sites of historical interest and more museums per square foot than any other city in the world. Adventure and cultural tours are available for tourists who want more than a suntan from their holiday.

Tour Historic Zagreb

The city of Zagreb is home to many medieval buildings and religious landmarks. Walking tours include the Mirogoj Cemetery which is decorated with beautiful sculptures and artwork. A visit to the 13th century Lotrscak Tower at noon allows visitors to witness a cannon being shot to mark the hour. The Natural History Museum contains some of the best examples of Neanderthal relics in the world and the Old Masters Gallery museum is world class with many works by famous European artists including Rembrandt, Bellini, Tiepolo, Proudhon and Carpeaux.

Croatian Cooking Holidays

The cuisine of Croatia is Mediterranean, but with a unique flavor that is purely Croatian. The area of Isteria, known for its truffles and smoked, spiced ham is one of the prime spots for culinary tours, but there are also tours of restaurants in Zagreb, Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Islands. Croatia was known for its fine wines before the vineyards were hit by blight in the early twentieth century, and now the vineyards are back and the area is producing very nice vintages to complement the fine food.

Adventure Holidays

Adventure tours include hiking, biking and a variety of accommodation options including camping in national parks, staying at local inns or in hotels in the major cities. These tours may include visits to local rivers and lakes or, for those who love the sea, scuba diving, wind surfing and even jet skiing. Adventure tours are available as all inclusive packages through travel agencies.

Sailing Holidays

Tourists have many options for sailing the Adriatic coast of Croatia. Bareboat rentals are available for experienced sailors while the less experienced may choose to sail with a flotilla. Flotillas contain ten boats and the lead boat is skippered by an experienced local  captain who can offer assistance to those who need it. Skippered yacht rentals are also available for touring the hundreds of islands and islets off the Croatian coast.

Croatia offers activity holidays that will appeal to every type of traveler at affordable prices. All inclusive tour packages are available through travel agents and internet travel sites.

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