India de Beaufort

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India de Beaufort was born on May 5th of 1982. India de Beaufort was born in Kingston upon Thames in Surrey of the United Kingdom. She is a British actress; however, she has been involved in many American based films and television shows. India de Beaufort has been involved in the acting industry from 2003 through to the present. She has also been known to shorten her name to her alternative name of India Beau. India de Beaufort is not the only member of her family to successful break into the entertainment industry as her brother Tom has enjoyed success in the realm of music.

Acting Career

India de Beaufort has appeared most notably in the movie Run, Fatboy, Run. Her role in Run, Fatboy, Run was shortened as many of the scenes were cut from the final viewing of the movie; however, her character and consequentially her role in the film was integral to the plot as her character’s storyline triggered the plot of the movie.

India de Beaufort has also appeared in the revived television show of Basil Brush. Basil Brush was revived in 2002 and aired on the BBC. Basil Brush is a children’s show featuring a cheeky puppet fox. The experience of Basil Brush also gave India de Beaufort experience shooting in studio where the show was shot as opposed to the original Basil Brush which was filmed in front of a live audience.

India de Beaufort is currently starring in the BBC fantasy-comedy television series titled Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire. India’s role in this series is the character of Aneka. Aneka is a beautiful pagan warrior whose weapon of choice is sex. India’s character, Aneka, is a prominent part of the series as Aneka has been the girlfriend of and is in love with the main character Mandoon. In September of 2009, India  will join the cast of the American based television series One Tree Hill for its’ seventh season. India de Beaufort’s character on One Tree Hill will be a record executive.

Dabbling in Music

India de Beaufort is not only a successful actress but she has also dabbled in the music industry. She has enjoyed success as a singer/songwriter based in London, England. She has been able to expand her musical experience through collaboration with her brother, Tom. Tom is a vocalist for the United Kingdom indie rock band known as the Frantic. India de Beaufort has worked with Tom and his band and she will be singing on the Frantic’s debut album. One of the songs she was involved with made it to slot 44 on the United Kingdom’s top song charts. India will likely halt her music career for the foreseeable future as she focuses on her new acting endeavours.

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