Croatia Adventure Holidays

Croatia is a perfect adventure holiday destination. It provides a large variety of adventure sports such as kayaking, white-water rafting, and rock diving. There are plenty of adventure companies who will organise your Croatian adventure holiday for you…

Croatia is a hugely diverse country, offering great beach and water destinations, as well as thick forests and mountains. This diversity means that there is plenty to offer for those who are looking for an exhilarating adventure holiday – a coastline of over 1000km means that options for water sports are almost limitless, while inland there is still plenty of opportunity for adventure, including mountain biking, hiking and canyoning.

Climate for Adventure?

It’s not only the natural scenery that is diverse in Croatia – the climate is too. Within one country, there are climatic conditions ranging from the warm, Mediterranean conditions of the Dalmation coastline to the ice-cold Alpine conditions of the Dinara region. When planning your adventure holiday to Croatia, you should take the weather conditions into account – the warm summers of the Dalmation region are perfect for watersports, whereas inland sports such as mountain biking and hiking are more preferable in the colder areas.

Croatia Scuba Diving

If scuba diving is what you’re after on your adventure holiday, then look no further than the Dalmation coast, which offers fantastic diving opportunities in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. There are many diving schools spread throughout Croatia, and they organise trips to well-known diving sites such as the bay of Siroka and Korcula Island. If you prefer to keep your head above the water (well, mostly) then kayaking is another popular watersport on offer in Croatia. Sea kayaking is a particularly popular choice for those seeking an adventure holiday, and is a calm and peaceful way to enjoy the scenic off-shore islands.

Hiking In Croatia

For those adventurers who prefer to stick to solid ground for their activities, Croatia will also not disappoint. Hiking is a popular pursuit in the country, and there are hiking trails suitable for all skill levels scattered throughout the country both inland and on the islands. Coastal, sea-side paths are generally suitable for beginners, while mountains such as the 1762m-high Mount Biokovo provide more than enough of a challenge to experienced mountaineers. A popular hiking destination is the national park in Plitvice, which has a multitude of well-maintained, scenic trails dotted with lakes and waterfalls.

If you are visiting Croatia in winter, or fancy the cold Alpine climates for a bit of snow sports, then head to the North of the country for some skiing. There are 3 main ski resorts in Croatia: Platek, Velika, and Bjelolasica. Bjelolasica is home to the Croatian Olympic centre, and therefore has top-class facilities. All three resorts provide excellent skiing opportunities, particularly in winter, so that any snow loving adventurer can get his fill.

These suggestions are just a taste of what Croatia has to offer those looking for an adventure holiday – there are a multitude of other activities on offer such as mountain biking, kite surfing and spelunking. So choose Croatia for an adventure holiday to suit the needs of any intrepid explorer.

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