Croatia Coastal Cruises

Planning a holiday in Croatia? Then make it a memorable one by going for a coastal cruise. Read our guide for more facts and information…

It can be aptly said that the Croatian coastline is perfect for coastal cruises, given the sparkling blue waters, warm sunlight to bathe in and the calmness of the sea all soothe the soul, bringing you peace and tranquillity.

During the cruise you will sail through the Adriactic Sea, exploring  secluded islands and ports. Some popular islands such as Hvar, Brac, Pag, Korcula, Vis and Brijuni islands are covered by most cruises, while others which are isolated and uninhabited are also visited. This gives a chance for the travellers to see the real ‘undiscovered’ beauty of Croatia.

Chartered Cruises

There are many ways you can book and finalize your cruise. The first option is for the well-to-do who want a luxurious experience. They have the choice to charter their own boat to set sail when and whenever. The cheaper and more common alternative for tourists is to book a cabin in a yacht, gulet or motorized boat.

Gulet Cruises

Many consider gulet cruises as the best option to opt for. Travelling in a gulet rather than an ocean liner has the benefit that narrow passages leading to isolated islands can be easily entered. These are otherwise excluded from excursions.
Gulets come in small and large sizes so you can choose from basic to more lavish services to meet your budget. Modern gulets are well equipped and furnished to cater to all the needs of the passengers with regards to accommodation, food and entertainment as well.

Yacht cruises

For a more luxurious affair opt for the yacht cruises which are meant to meet all the guests’ wishes. Your yacht cruise will allow you to explore the Mediterranean while making the experience a grand affair.

Croatia Day cruises

For those who are visiting Croatia for a short period of time and do not want to base their trip solely around coastal cruises, alternative day cruises can be chosen. The day cruises take place from May to September, provided the weather is suitable. They include trips to nearby islands from popular destinations such as Split or Dubrovnik.

The boat heads out in the morning at 9am and returns in the early evening around 6pm. The specialty is the ‘fish picnic’ in which the fresh catch is barbecued and served for lunch. To sign for a day cruise all you need to do is head to the seafront where you will find boards and signs proposing tours, prices and itineraries. Choose the best and most convenient, and pay your dues in cash.

Every cruise provider has their own itineraries so you can choose any given package based on the number of days and the destinations that you prefer. There are, however some agents and companies that can arrange the route and destinations based on your preferences. Generally the customized packages are likely to cost more than the standard packages.

The coastal cruise works for couples on their honeymoons as well as families who wish to take a break from their everyday routine and refresh themselves. Basically it is an experience which will relax, refresh and sooth the traveller no matter what.

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