Croatian Pastries

Croatian pastries come in a wide variety of shapes but they are all delicious. To read more about the many different kinds of pastry in Croatia read our guide for fact & information…

Any country that has been at the crossroads of human civilization for thousands of years is sure to have a diverse and rich cuisine. Croatia happens to be one such country where diversity in its cuisine is best reflected in the variety of its pastries. Pastries in Croatia vary from the usual soft cake based pasties to the hard dough variety, which some may find difficult to classify as pastries. Nonetheless, in Croatia, they are all considered as pastries and eaten as such. Since the variety is endless, here is a short description of some of the mouth-watering pastries that you must savour on a visit to Croatia.


This famous Croatian pastry looks like an éclair and tastes much sweeter. It is fairly simple to make, just dough soaked in special syrup that is kept overnight, and the taste is simply yummy.

Croatian Chocolate Chestnut Cream

This pastry is a foodie’s delight. It has lovely chocolate, cream, sponge cake and chestnut filling that makes you go for a second helping.

Croatian Lamingtons Cupavci

We all have probably tasted Australian Lamingtons but what about Croatian Cupavci? This Croatian equivalent of Australian Lamington are sponge cake based pastries with a rich filling of custard topped off with chocolate and generously sprinkled with coconut. The secret ingredient – rum or honey or even whiskey in the sponge cake; talk about having a merry time.

Croatian Fresh Fig Tart

These delicious tarts are made at home out of dough, figs, honey, cream, and dates and are a delight to eat. They preserve easily and can be taken back home for your loved ones.

Croatian Bajadera Torte

This pastry made out of walnuts, butter biscuits and chocolate is every child’s favorite. Just dig in to the lovely soft cream Croatian torte and forget your worries for the day.

Imagine eating a layered cake which has cheese, walnuts, apples, poppy seeds, raisins all artfully mixed in dough so that every individual taste comes through like a note in a musical. This is a true Croatian pastry that is famous all over the Balkans.


Štrukli is a traditional Croatian pastry made out of cottage cheese, eggs, sour cream, and dough. This great tasting pastry is well loved amongst the people of Zagorje and Zagreb. There are two varieties; boiled or baked, both must be tasted to savor the full range of Štrukli.


Pogača is a pastry puff, which is filled with sour cream and is served hot. This is a wonderful accompaniment to a cup of coffee.


This Croatian variation of the Swiss roll is full of nuts and honey and the cake is so soft that it melts in your mouth. It is just the right choice for a lazy evening snack savoring the beauty of the Dinaric Alps.


This pastry is actually a Croatian delicacy in which dough and pumpkin are mixed to come up with a superlative pumpkin pastry which is salty to taste.

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