Gulet Cruises Croatia

If you are planning a trip to Croatia then learn about the gulet cruises so that your trip is them more special. Read our guide for more facts and information…

A gulet is wooden vessel used for sailing on coastal regions. Gulets come in standard small and luxurious large sizes carrying between six to twenty six passengers.The advantage of travelling in a gulet rather than an ocean liner is that you get to visit small deserted bays that would otherwise be ignored on excursions. These small harbours allow an intimate look into the life of the coastal areas unknown to large ships.

All modern gulets make the passengers feel like home because of the service and amenities that are provided. The gulet can be simply understood as a hotel with notched up service in which every room is able to get a view of the impeccable beauty of the sea. Not to mention the scenery is constantly changing too!

Gulet cruises allow you to explore the Mediterranean in an atmosphere and setting that is relaxing, soothing and entertaining at the same time. The ambience is informal and friendly, as the small number of passengers and crew is able to connect on a personal level on the deck.

Adriatic Sailing Cruises

Your cruise is designed at a leisurely pace to make the excursion as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.  Sailing through the Mediterranean’s shimmering waters you will come across breathtaking sceneries. Stops will be made at islands and ports to see the life along this beauty.
In order for you to be able to relish and enjoy every moment, all your needs and worries of basic amenities are taken care of.
Everything is set and provided including air-conditioned rooms with comfortable beds, built in cupboards, bathrooms, blankets, towels and safety deposits. Modern gulets also offer coffee machines, music systems, libraries, laptops and grills.  All you need to carry are some tees and a swimming costume to make the most of your memorable sail on the Adriactic Sea. You have the choice to swim, sunbathe and explore by day. And visit the towns to dine and shop by evening, leaving the rest to the crew.

On the stern side of the deck are lounges where people can enjoy their food, relax and unwind. Tables are set for meals and games. On the main cabin has the seating arrangement fro all travelers who can eat, lounge or enjoy the entertainment sessions here.

Sailing Routes

Every cruise takes a different route based on the time of year and water currents. But all itineraries will definitely include significant destinations including Dubrovnik, Hvar, Korcula, Kornati Islands, Split, Mljet, Zadar, Brac and Trogir. Some cruises are fro seven days whereas others maybe for twelve or fifteen days depending on the number of places visited.

Croatia Sailing Prices

The total cost of a gulet cruise in Croatia will depend upon the travel agent’s reputation and the service that is being offered. More days, facilities and destinations increase the cost. But as an estimate you can consider the cost to be more than €4,000.

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