Dubrovnik Holiday Apartments

If you are visiting Dubrovnik and are looking for luxury and comfort then you should consider renting a holiday apartment. Read our guide for more facts and information on Dubrovnik holiday apartment rentals…

Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. All year round, tourists visit the city to see the scenic beauty and the preserved history. The accommodation includes hotels but those who want a personalized service have the option to rent apartments.

Reasons why you should rent an apartment

Savings: The internet has made all things possible. Now you can directly contact the owner to book the apartment of your choice. You have the chance to clear out any confusions or questions.

Ease: In customized travel packages you get standard hotels which may be far away from your destinations. You can rent apartments which are near or far from the attractions.

Flexilitiby: Renting an apartment brings greater convenience and ease unlike hotels there is no check in/ check out timings. There is greater privacy and pets may be brought along too.

How to find apartments in Dubrovnik

You can easily find apartments via the internet. There are many forums and websites which have gathered the details of the apartments all around Dubrovnik. They allow you to go through all the options and then directly contact the owner of your finalized choice.

All you need to enter is the number of people who need accommodation. You will be provided all the available apartments with their pictures, price and services. Three star apartments will offer kitchen, internet, and bathrooms and satellite TV as well. While four stars come with these along with balconies and terraces that have great views leading to the adriactic.

Best Locations In Dubrovnik

Apartments are also categorized on the basis of the area and the closeness to the Old Town which is considered as the center. Your total cost will also be influenced by the distance from the center.

The Old Town is surrounded by the famous Fortress Walls. Before booking an apartment in the Old Town, keep in mind that the area is strictly pedestrian and so your cabs will not be taking you back to your apartment. Consider the fitness level and health of all the travellers.

Ploce is at walking distance to the center and offers the best views of the Dubrovnik old town.

Pile is a few minutes walk away from the old town. It offers great view of the Lovriejnac fortress and that of the northern aspect, again it requires a level of fitness to walk and go up and down several steps.

Lapad is one of the favourite destinations of the visitors as there are number of beaches, restaurants and boutiques and it does not involve a lot of walking.

Also keep in mind the time of year as prices will vary depending on peak seasons. And so by combining and short listing all these details, you will surely be able to find the best apartment in Dubrovnik to make the most of your holiday.

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