Cuba Tropicana Show

Want to attend the Cuba Tropicana Show? Read on to find out more about the world famous Cuban Tropicana Show…

The Cuba Tropicana Show is held at a night club in Havana which is called the Tropicana. This cabaret can be compared to the Moulin Rouge in Paris. It is as much at home in Havana Cuba as the Moulin Rouge is in Paris. This beautifully choreographed show is an energetic yet good performance which utilizes amazing lighting effects and costume designs to provide unmatched entertainment. If you love theater and cabaret then this is a fun place to witness a beautiful combination of both.

The open-air club has a huge stage where hundreds of performers conduct different dance routines to enthrall the audience. This interesting show has spanned 68 years and is a combination of great poetry, stunning music and classic taste all of which come together to provide the audience with an enthralling show.

Origins of the Cuba Tropicana Show

The creation of the cabaret utilized in the Cuba Tropicana Show can be credited to Victor Correa when this club was opened in the year 1939 in the city of Havana. This city has welcomed global celebrities to perform on the stage in the Tropicana club and some of them include Nat King Cole, Benny More, Bola de Nieve and Celia Cruz among others.

It is quite surprising that the Tropicana Cabaret is immensely popular in this Cuban city as it showcases the decadence that was prevalent in Cuban history and was shunned and looked down upon by Cubans. However, with authentic Cuban music being played live to the audience along with the beautiful combination of costumes and dance moves it truly brings Cuba to the world on stage. This pricey show at $60 Cuban per head is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and truly showcases the flavor of the Cuban music and dance world.

Across the world the Cuban Tropicana show is referred to as a Paradise under the stars because it is conducted in an open-air theater which was constructed on the ancient heritage site of Villa Mina in the year 1939. This site was part of the Marianao region and the Tropicana club was symbolized and recognized all over the world due to the huge great glass arch.

History of the development of the Cuban Tropicana show

With the initial idea of creating a restaurant and a nightclub which could seat 300 people this site evolved into one of the biggest cabaret zones of international repute.

The land was rented out by Mrs. Mina Pérez Chumont who was the widow of the late Regino Trufins and had some beautiful farmland neighboring the Zanja-Marianao railroad. This area has an extremely tropical environment and literally looks like it is built out in a tropical paradise with mangoes, real palm trees as well as cedar wood trees.

Add to this the beautiful cabaret presented by trained artists and dancers and it truly justifies its status as a tropical paradise in Cuba. Spanning over half a century the show is still going strong and you can book your place in this cabaret and enjoy the legendary performances under the stars of the Cuban sky.

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