Chinese Herbs for Hair Loss

Interested in Chinese herbs for hair loss? Read on to find out about the herbs that have been prescribed to recover from hair loss.

The Chinese have long made use of a fine selection of herbs that can help resolve hair loss problems. The ancient system of Chinese medicine prescribed many herbal formulas that are now being tested to have legitimate scientific basis.

The following are some of the most popular herbs used for treating hair loss:


This popular Chinese herb has been prescribed for various diseases due to its natural propensity to cater to a wide range of medical problems in the body. It functions as an adaptogen and although it has long been used for the purpose of treating hair loss it is not quite clear how exactly it works to improve this problem. Ginseng extract is now being prescribed in the form of tablets to whosoever suffers from the problem of hair loss.

Goto Kola

This is one of the best Chinese herbs for the purpose of treating a number of hair loss disorders. Goto Kola has been known to be effective against age related hair loss as well as male pattern baldness. Along with promoting hair growth it is also great to enhance memory, relieve anxiety, cure insomnia and boost blood circulation while bringing the blood pressure down.

Recent medical studies that have been conducted on the benefits of Gota Kola for hair loss have clearly brought to light the remarkable effects that it can generate. The key to benefitting from Goto Kola is to make use of it according to the prescribed manner.


Foti is also one of the classic Chinese herbs that has been prescribed for hair loss. Science has not yet been able to attest to the effectiveness of foti for hair loss but many people who have used it claim it to be highly effective. In recent years foti has risen to popularity making it one of the most widely used Chinese herb for this purpose.

Chinese medicine draws an unusual link between hair loss and sexual health. Generally, it is believed that having a full head of hair is a sign of the person’s sexual health. The Chinese herb foti is usually used to increase libido in men. By promoting good sexual health the herb actually helps to recover from hair loss.

Chinese medicine does not tackle the problem of hair loss on its own. Rather it aims to restore the balance of energy in the person’s body and therefore eliminates the causes that lead to hair loss.

Furthermore Chinese medicine places great emphasis on sticking to a healthy diet. The prescribed diet will make use of such herbs that are beneficial for recovering from hair loss along with other food items like fish that generally promote a healthy growth of hair. Fatty foods like French fries, red meat and other food items prepared in heavy oil are the kind of things that should be avoided as they have negative effect on the natural growth of hair.

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