Costa Rica White Water Rafting

Want to go white water rafting in Costa Rica? Looking for an outfit to take you rafting in Costa Rica? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Costa Rica is a land of immense natural beauty with varied landscapes ranging from golden sandy beaches to volcanoes to rainforest. As a country that has also been blessed with many lakes and rivers, Costa Rica is an ideal place to go white water rafting.

In fact, every year, thousands of white water rafting fans make their way to Costa Rica to experience the warm gushing rapids of Costa Rica’s rivers which run through the heart of inland Costa Rica. Aside from being extremely exciting and fun, white water rafting is perhaps one of the safest activities in which to participate in terms of preserving the local environment.

White Water Rafting in Costa Rican Rainforests

One of the main attractions of white water rafting in Costa Rica is the amazing scenery you get to see all around you. Most of the rivers in Costa Rica run through dense rainforest which means along the way you get to see all manner of colorful wildlife while white water rafting in Costa Rica. On a typical day of rafting in Costa Rica you can see everything from exotic parrots to otters to monkeys.

The best conditions for white water rafting in Costa Rica can be found directly after heavy rainfall.  The majority of rivers in Costa Rica are relatively slow running although this changes after a heavy rain when suddenly usually quiet waters transform into hot white rapids. Most of the rivers in Costa Rica flow into the Caribbean Sea on the east coast of the country; although that doesn’t mean that there are not good places to go rafting in the popular north west of Costa Rica, which is also where some of the best national parks are.

White Water Rafting tours Costa Rica

There are several white water rafting tour operators in practically all parts of Costa Rica. Once in Costa Rica you will find it easy to get information on rafting tour operators, many of whom will have left leaflets at your hotel front desk. Safety standards are generally good and all rafts are manned by a professional English speaking guide who also knows the rivers in which you’ll be rafting intimately.


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