Cuban Jacket

Want to purchase an authentic Cuban jacket? Read on to select a practical and functional Cuban jacket from different International League sports teams of Cuba…

Authentic Cuban lather and wool jackets are in fashion and you can get the vintage look in custom leather or wool to suit your taste. The 100% virgin wool will ensure comfort and style for years to come and the jacket will age naturally while shaping itself to your body.

The knit trim on the jacket is a flexible blend of wool and cotton which maximizes comfort and durability. The all natural tanned leather jackets have a satin lining which preserves the structure of the jacket.

The emblems printed or embroidered on vintage Cuban jackets are 100% authentic hand crafted and follow the original designs of a team or theme. The jackets rest a little long on the body in order to create the impact of bulk and ensure comfort.

Cuba has a long-standing sports history which was established in 1946 when this country entered professional baseball by combining the Havana Cubans with the Florida International League. Cuban history reflects a passion and zeal for sports as the Florida international league went on to win each title from the years 1946 to 1950. The credit for building this legendary team goes to the manager Oscar Rodriguez and the team was eventually promoted to AAA status and was titled the Havana Sugar Kings for the Florida International League.

Cuban Dugout Jacket

In the year 1960 the Cuban team was transferred to Jersey City when the country was taken over by Fidel Castro. The popular Cuban jackets include the dugout jacket of the Havana Cuba’s baseball team. This is an international league jacket which is constructed out of nine oz. of 100% cotton twill.

The jacket has a zipper on the front and high quality knitted waist band, collar and cuffs. The authentic Cuban dugout jacket has the lettering on the front which has been appliquéd with felt as well as a patch on the left sleeve. Since the dugout jackets are custom-made you have to order approximately 4 to 6 weeks before you require them and provide the basic size that you want them in. These Cuban jackets must be dry cleaned only.

Grounds Crew Jackets

The Cuban grounds crew jackets are popular with the team lovers all over Cuba. These heroes are responsible for managing the infield and actually form a very solid backbone of the Cuban baseball team. From sculpting the mound to mowing the grass and rolling out the tarpaulin to protect the field, the dugout crew is truly indispensable to the home team. The vintage grounds crew Cuban jackets are created to commemorate these unsung heroes with a simple cotton blend jacket which has many functional features.

The jacket is lined with Eisenhower and is the working piece of clothing. The waist has adjustable straps and a pencil holder has been sewn onto the sleeve. Apart from this there is an inner pouch in which you can store different items including baseballs. The team emblem has been sewn on the chest and the ballpark title has been stitched on the back. These extremely affordable and practical items can be ordered and shipped to your destination. You can commemorate the Cuban baseball team with these Cuban jackets while dressed in functional clothing.

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