Irish Symbol For Family

Looking for an Irish symbol for family? Want to know about all the different styles of symbol for family available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right symbol for you…

Trees were considered sacred by the ancient Celts and several trees were regarded as symbols for fertility, life and family in Celtic culture. The oak tree, with its reputation for strength and stability, is an important Irish symbol for family that was revered by the Celtic people. Trees were known to provide inhabitants of the land with shelter, wisdom and healing. In Celtic legends, trees were believed to preserve sacred wells.

The Tree of Life is an Irish symbol for family pride, continuity and prosperity. This Irish symbol is a design with deep meaning and reminds family members of the importance of being unified to stand strong. The grace and love of God is also reflected in this symbol for family with its sheltering canopy of leaves and branches. The unity of heaven and earth is brought to bear with the symbol of the Tree of Life.

Another Irish symbol for family is the acorn, borne of the mighty oak tree. It is the fruit of the sacred oak and is considered an auspicious symbol of luck for the family. The acorn denotes hidden strength, as a tiny seed will grow into a strong oak tree. This symbol serves to remind your family that great things can spring from modest beginnings.

Irish Animal Symbols

Animals had a great influence on Celtic life and animal symbols of family and life abound in the annals of Celtic history. Horses were admired for their strength, energy, agility and speed. The Celtic Goddesses, Macha and Epona, symbolized maternity and prosperity and were both considered Irish symbol for family. These goddesses were believed to protect and guide family members from their birth onwards through their life’s journey.

An elite Irish family would use animal symbols on their Coat of Arms, like horses and eagles. The Book of Kells, a great medieval illuminated manuscript, depicted the evangelizing apostles as animal symbols. In Celtic culture many animals were ideal Irish symbols for family.

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