Navajoa Sonora Mexico

Going on vacation to Mexico? Visiting Navajoa in Sonora State? Our guide to Navajoa in Sonora Mexico gives you facts & information on travel, history, culture, economy and more.

The Pearl of the Mayo, Navajoa is the fifth largest town in Sonora, Mexico. Situated just south of the Mexican state of Sonora, Navajoa can be easily found in the heart of the popular Mayo Valley. Along with other Sonoran municipalities, Navajoa is considered as one of the most active and productive areas in the field of agriculture. In fact, Navajoa is now becoming a major producer of aquaculture products like shrimps and fish in the Sonora region. This has been brought about by the growing foreign investments in the aquaculture industry in Navajoa.

Considered as a primary commercial hub for bigger regions near Sonora, Navajoa is a venue of increased progress and economic development. The local government of Navajoa is pushing forward for some major improvements in infrastructure, education, health services and telecommunications. This is in addition to developing the capability of Navajoa to provide potable water supply to both foreign and local people.

Navajoa is a humble place that takes much pride in its rich history. Major historical monuments and buildings are preserved so that the world can see the brilliance of Navajoa’s culture and architecture. There are notable monuments that will surely capture the artistic appreciation of any beholder. Navajoa likewise displays its deeply entrenched religious faith through the creation of magnificent churches and religious infrastructure. Festivities give Navajoa a much livelier atmosphere where people perform dances and sing hymns of praise to parish Saints of each of the churches of Navajoa.

Navajoa Airport Mexico

Realizing the significance of accessibility, Navajoa has greatly invested in road works and ports. The CEN or the Ciudad Obregon International Airport is the closest airport in Navajoa. The Gulf of California which is near the city of Navajoa has a number of beaches and ports. The municipality is also a great place for geoglyph viewing and kayaking. There are also fantastic fishing spots in Navajoa right at the Adolfo Ruiz Cortines dam.

Navajoa is truly a must see place in the state of Sonora, Mexico. Navajoa’s great wealth of history, natural beauty and friendly people are comparable with the best that there is in the world today. It is simplicity and beauty all rolled into one place.  If you want to take a trip and have the taste of the good side of life, you need not look any further. Come to Navajoa and we will definitely give you the fantastic treatment you need.

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