Cuban Themed Wedding

Planning a Cuban Themed Wedding? Learn more about the customs followed in Cuban theme weddings across the country…

When planning a Cuban themed wedding the first thing that you have to take into consideration is the season in which you are getting married. Secondly you have to consider how formal you want the wedding event to be. This will determine what kind of attire and the location you can choose for the Cuban themed weddings.

Summer Cuban Theme Weddings

If you are planning a summer wedding then you can have a white theme wedding where the bride and groom can wear linen guayaberas or silk outfits. You can have a special Guayabera wedding gown commissioned for the bride and similar dresses for the bridesmaid. The guests can choose which white outfit they would like to wear. The best man can perhaps where a linen suit whereas the bridesmaid can have delectable net and linen dresses which are complimented by white flowers.

For a truly festive Cuban themed wedding you can choose the location of a beach and create your wedding altar facing the guests who look out to the open ocean. This pristine location truly adds a festive and natural feel which is both energizing and refreshing. Since Cuban weddings are extremely festive you can choose traditional Havana theme music which is lively, deep and festive if you are having an open-air wedding. The reason for this is that you want the tunes to carry and create the right ambience across the wedding venue.

Cuban Catering for a Themed Wedding

The next aspect to look at is Cuban cuisine. From the Cuban Picadillo to the famous Guava nectar cocktail you can have more traditional dishes like the Frijoles negros and Yuca con Mojo. However if you feel your guest will not be open to traditional Cuban cuisine then maybe you can start off with a Cuban appetizer, this will add a personalized touch and a unique Cuban flavor to the Cuban themed wedding. The appetizers can be followed by a continental main course of four or more dishes out of which one can be a Cuban picadillo served with yellow rice. You can end the meal with a delicious Cuban flan for dessert followed by authentic Havana coffee and Cuban cigarillos for Java and tobacco connoisseurs.

Wedding Party Favors with a Personal Touch

You don’t have to invest in expensive cigars; in fact you can get the tobacco and rolling leaves and assign a friend who is skilled at rolling cigars to create personalized cigars and circulate them as wedding favors during the reception.

Cuban Theme Wedding Decoration

The traditional flower of Cuba is the endemic Jasmine flower which is known as the White Butterfly. You can incorporate this flower profusely in creating a Cuban theme wedding. Create beautiful corsages for the bridesmaids and lapel flowers for the best man and groom. You can have flower centerpieces if you have a sit down wedding theme or perhaps create a ribbon and flower decoration for the pews. The white butterfly Jasmine can also be used throughout the aisle by sprinkling petals on the path that the bride has to walk on towards the altar. Apart from this the flower can be combined with white net or another contrasting pastel color and used to decorate the chair backs and entrance canopy.

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