Mexican Cruise Prices

Find out what determines the prices of Mexican cruises before you confirm your booking. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Everyone wants to go on a vacation with the lowest possible cost. The only way one can achieve this is by looking for the best bargains. The prices of cruises can be lowered if certain things are looked into and are planned in advance. The cost of your Mexican cruise will depend on a number of factors. Some of them are as follows.


Your price will mainly be determined by when you will be heading out for your cruise.

If you are planning to travel between the months of June to September the prices of the cruises will be higher. As during the summers the demand for the cruises is very high because many want to head out for a vacation.

For instance a cruise that costs $899 for an individual during the peak summer season may go down to $499 or less during the off peak time period.

Fall is the cheapest time of the year to travel as many do not prefer travelling in the colder months. So if you are on a tight budget it is a good idea to save your holiday plans for the fall.

However this is also the hurricane season and so there is some risk involved. At the last minute you may find out that some ports are closed causing your cruise to be shorter or longer. So be prepared for unexpected hiccups when travelling during the fall.

Duration of the cruise

Another important factor is the duration of the cruise. Whether you choose a long ten day cruse or a three day short cruise will play a major role in determining the price. Shorter cruises will cost less than longer ones. You can find many three to four night cruises easily offered by Carnival cruise liners.

Those who wish to really explore the country, learn about the culture and get a taste of their lifestyle opt for longer cruises. So bear in mind that shorter cruises cost less, but also offer less.


It is also important to keep the desired facilities in check if you are to stay on a limited budget. Looking for the best facilities including extensive onboard facilities, expensive lodging and dining? Then be prepared to pay more for your Mexican cruises. Cruise liners are happy to keep you comfortable and entertained, but this comes at a price.

However if you are among those who have saved up for an extravagant vacation or are honeymooners wishing to travel with all the luxuries then the added cost should not be an issue.

For those not worried about trimming their costs here and there should go ahead and avail all the facilities to make their cruise as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Another way to keep the price of your Mexican cruise in check is by seeking discounts. Many cruise liners offer discounts, travel awards and special offers so inquire about those from your travel agent or check their websites. This will help you go the extra mile in cutting your costs.

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