Studying Spanish language in Cuba

Are you interested in learning Spanish language in Cuba? Would you like to know when & where in Cuba to study Spanish language? Our guide to studying Spanish language in Cuba gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Cuba is a Spanish speaking country situated in the Caribbean Sea. There are several options for those wanting to study Spanish language in Cuba, and depending on your circumstances and level of Spanish language, there will be study courses to accommodate you. Cuba offers Spanish language courses to suit all budgets and levels of Spanish language.

Why Study Spanish language in Cuba?

Cuba is one of the safest Spanish speaking countries in Latin America making it a good choice for anyone wanting to study Spanish language. Also, Cuba is a relatively cheap country to live in, so your expenses other than the tuition fees for the Spanish language course will be minimal. Cuba is a socialist country that respects education above profit, so you can rest easy that the Spanish language lessons you receive in Cuba will be of high standards.

Where to Study Spanish language in Cuba?

There are several schools offering Spanish language courses in Cuba. Most of the main Spanish language lesson providers have schools in all the major cities of Cuba including Havana and Santiago de Cuba. In addition there are courses designed specifically for non mother tongue Spanish speakers at the University of Havana, with options to study Spanish in other towns in Cuba. Registration for these Spanish study programs in Cuba is simple and requires only a placement test at the beginning of enrolment.

When to Study Spanish language in Cuba?

The best time to study Spanish language in Cuba really depends on you. If you are only free during the months of the summer vacation then the University of Havana offers Spanish language courses from two weeks up to two months. Otherwise there are periodical intakes of new Spanish language students throughout the year. The frequency of enrolment tests depends on the Spanish language school you decide to go with; some have monthly intakes while others can be weekly.

What to take when Studying Spanish language in Cuba?

If you are going to study Spanish language in Cuba it’s a good idea to take a few supplies with you. Any type of printed text book including dictionaries should be bought in your own country before travelling to Cuba as such books are very hard to come by in Cuba. Ask the school where you will be studying Spanish language if there is any recommended text for you to take. Otherwise it’s also a good idea to take your own exercise books and stationary to Cuba, although this is less important.

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