Danish Rosewood Furniture

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You might be looking for the perfect desk to work on or a nice contemporary designed chair. There are a lot of options out there, and an alluring range of dark woods available, of which you will mostly hear of cedar, mahogany and Danish rosewood.Danish rosewood is a beautiful dark wood-timber which absorbs or rather hides the stain very well. On the downside, rosewood is becoming increasingly rare and hard to find.

Regardless of the timber species you choose, rosewood is a dark wood; although there can be a considerable variation among Australian, Chinese, Italian, Australian and Indian rosewood. Danish rosewood is very popular because it is the nearest of all to some of the old classic rosewood shades that exist no longer because of the over logging of some species of trees.

Rosewood is at times also referred to as redwood. you might get to hear of rosewood desks as redwood desks; any how the two terms are not interchangeable. Some antique rosewood desks and tables are from the Victorian era, and astonishingly still have the same deep and extraordinary color along with the superior crafts and fine carvings these tables and desks have been made with. These are some of the best examples of Danish rosewood furniture.

Danish rosewood furniture is very popular because of the dark and well-polished color, and many prefer it over the mahogany, cherry and cedar. But because this wood has been exploited in its time, it has become increasingly hard to find; and since it has become so rare, it demands a certain price. Danish rosewood furniture is exclusive and expensive. In fact, you might find some pieces of redwood furniture if you’re looking around for redwood antiques. For instance, Madagascar redwood only exists in the National forests. And the only way to have a piece of furniture made from this timber is to seek out an antique chair, cabinet or any other piece of furniture in redwood.

To guide you, if you’re looking for Danish rosewood furniture online, then Scandinavian Modern has one of the best Danish and Scandinavian, mid-century contemporary designed furniture. These include chosen wood work forms from original, high quality and vintage Danish modern teak and rosewood furniture from designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Johannes Anderson, Nanna Ditzel, Ole Wanscher, Arne Vodder, Kai Kristiansen, Henry Rosengren and other Danish Designers and cabinet makers. Their collections also include modern teak and rosewood dining tables, chairs, coffee tables, sideboards, credenzas, cabinets and shelves etc.

Danish Design is another name in the market that deals in high-end contemporary, modern and classic Danish and Scandinavian furniture; they offer bedrooms, patio furniture, office living rooms, home living rooms, wall systems etc in teak and rosewood.
Danish rosewood furniture has been accepted and admired for its elegance, simplicity of design and enduring beauty. If you like deep and dark colors, and you want to give a rich look to your house or office décor, then Danish rosewood is the best choice.

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