American Eagle Furniture

Interested in buying American Eagle furniture? Explore the ultra modern variety of furniture developed by American Eagle…

If you are looking for state of the art modern furniture then the collection of American eagle furniture has some of the finest items to offer. With American Eagle furniture you can create a brilliant contemporary feel in your home.

Some fine examples of American Eagle follows:

Contemporary Leather Sectional by American Eagle Furniture

This is an ultra contemporary three piece sectional set produced in genuine leather. It comes complete with a full size fold out bed. It also includes a corner piece wedge along with an end piece that has a built in footrest. You can also add the optional armless chair to the set.

The seating arrangement is ultra comfy with overstuffed armrests with attached pillow cushions. The AE sectional is a large set big enough to fill a large sized living room leaving little room for other furniture. The plush and soft cushioning promises great relaxation and entertainment for the whole family. Your living room will become a fully loaded highly comfortable stylish chill pad with this impressive American Eagle Sectional.

Ultra Modern Human Touch Set by American Eagle

One can safely say this unique set is definitely out of the norm. The intelligent design features headrests that look like heads and armrests that actually look like arms. The legs and the seat have been designed in a manner that makes them harmonize with that of the human body.

The genuine leather and plush cushioning will truly make you feel as though you are sitting in the lap of your loved one. This modern set is a high end work of art that gets full marks for form as well as function. The set is available in a color combination of camel and beige and black and grey.

Ultra Modern Leather Waffle Set by American Eagle Furniture

This is a wonderful genuine leather product featuring the Waffle Chair and Ottoman Set. The set has made big waves in the furniture industry with their ultra modern appeal. They are set apart by their rectangular cushions that work in contrast with organic metal frame giving the set a very comfortable look of a folding chair.

Yet it has the permanence of comfort found in the most luxurious of leather chairs. It is adorned with tufted buttons that give it the waffle pattern on the seat and make it look extremely elegant. This is a highly versatile furniture set by American Eagle as it can work to accentuate any sophisticated interior while it will not seem out of place in a casual setting either. It is available in black as the standard option but can be ordered in white as well. The company offers a limited time warranty on product as well which makes it well worth investing in.

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