Swedish Antique Furniture

Swedish antique furniture has gained prominence as a collector’s item in modern times. Read our guide below for more facts and information on antique furniture from Sweden…

Swedish antique furniture style is often also referred to as “Gustavian” furniture and dates back to the 18th and 19th century. You may find armoires, chests, tables, mirrors, benches, buffets, cabinets, chairs, sofas, clocks, trunks, settees and tables in the list of Swedish antique furniture.

History of Swedish antique furniture

After the sudden demise of his father, Gustav III came back from Versailles to Sweden to ascend to the throne. Deeply inspired by the French style of art and architecture, he was motivated to establish Sweden as the “Paris of the North”. His reign from 1772 to 1792 resulted in Sweden’s art and architecture blooming like never before and soon became the frontrunner in style in the whole of Europe.

Inspiration for Gustavian furniture on Swedish Furniture

The earlier depictions of Gustavian furniture show a bent and inspiration from French Rococo and Neo-classical designs. Later, the shift was more prominent towards Italy. Despite all these foreign influences and inspirations, Sweden developed its own style of design that was comparatively more sober and subtle than the ornate Rocco and Baroque styles. Swedish furniture is known for its neat lines and great comfort along with durability. Now you can also purchase this antique furniture through some trusted online merchants who deal with authentic Swedish antique furniture.

Have a look at some stunning pieces of Swedish antique furniture:

Circa 1810 Swedish Bench with White Paint

This is an antique Swedish bench that dates back to some 200 years. Colored in creamy white with slatted sides and back and tapering legs, this bench’s upholstered seat has been redone for complete comfort and can be done in any fabric that you wish.

Small Swedish Bench Circa 1800

This is an antique Swedish bench from 1800. It has beautifully carved scrolled arms and a magnificently carved apron and botanical chest. The bench has 6 legs and its upholstery comes in a rich shade of plum that has been redone for complete comfort.

Antique Swedish Linen Press

This Swedish Linen Press is from 1750 and is painted in a lovely shade of ivory white. It has a top cabinet with 3 shelves and has 3 drawers below the cabinet.

Pair of Baroque Swedish Chairs

These are Swedish armchairs that depict the Baroque style. The upholstery of the chairs is muslin and the chair has exquisite fine carved designs on the back and arms of the chair. The chair is in ivory color.

Swedish Settee

The lovely Swedish settee is another Gustavian piece of Swedish antique furniture. It features carved sphinxes on the arms and is rare to find.

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