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Skagen Denmark was established in the United States in 1989. This enterprise was initiated by two Danish entrepreneurs known as Henrik and Charlotte Jorst. These two natives of Copenhagen introduced a trend for an eclectic Danish design. The high-quality objects are created at reasonable prices and are beautifully designed. The Danish philosophy entails that design and beauty should not be based on price. The collection of luxury watches and jewelry by Skagen Designs reflect the same principles. The focus is on clean and skillful design.

The elegance and delicacy is evident in the craftsmanship. This is backed up by technological supremacy. Each piece functions like clockwork and is durable. However the designing is eclectic. From watches, glasses and jewelry you can find a host of products for everyday use.

There are two categories one of supreme luxury and other of the casual wear. They have eclectic design and are moderately priced. Each piece is designed by the entrepreneurs. They have based their outlets since 1989 in the United States. They are considered a very profitable and innovative design company and aim to reach the most coveted position by the year 2015. The aim is to create a global community of customers with inspiring design. The products are impressive, unique and exclusive.

Skagen Denmark – The Village

The name of the brand comes out from the village by the same name Skagen in Denmark. It is a town which has pristine sandy beaches. With the miles of white sand stretching around, artists from the 18th century onwards have been visiting this place.
The magnificent light in this area was the source of wonder. Artists who have created 19th-century paintings of Skagen’s beauty on different canvasses are on auction today. The natural purity and beauty of Danish design is completely encased in the wonderful qualities of the rich village. The small village right on the edge of the sea is an inspiration for the Skagen Denmark products.

Owners of Skagen Denmark

The owner Charlotte Jorst is an inspirational mother to two daughters. Her husband Henrik Jorst who is the co-owner looks for inspiration from different sites. He oversees the design of the Skagen Denmark products. The aim is to continuously enhance the output.
The image is kept contemporary and in line with present-day designing. However their true identity is maintained and the roots are evident in each piece.

International business of Skagen Denmark

Skagen Denmark Designs operates from offices in Hong Kong, Denmark and America. The business has expanded rapidly since its inception. The brand has made forays into Europe and the Asia Pacific region. With two flagship stores located in Denmark the brand is all set to take on the world with its modern design. The first flagship store lies in the inspirational village of Skagen, Denmark. The second one is in the contemporary downtown region of the bustling city of Copenhagen.

There are individually operated Skagen Denmark concept stores located throughout Taipei, Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Also available are stores in Taiwan and a store in Korea is in the pipeline. The brand of Skagen Denmark is one of the top retailing ones in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

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