Mexican Table Decorations

Are you looking to lavishly adorn your tables with vibrant color for a special occasion? Mexican table decorations are a fantastic, thematic way to liven up any table for a truly festive and fun look. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Table decorations seem a little superfluous, but don’t be fooled. Mexican table decorations liven up the dining experience with plenty of color and textures that will instantly make any table look much more inviting and festive with just a few key items.

Traditional Table Decorations

Every culture takes pride in their food, and presentation plays an important role in how the food is served. Table decorations with traditional Mexican styles in mind can include zerape blankets and papel picado. Zerape blankets are woven shawls that have a distinctive stripy pattern on them that is very vibrant. They are usually made of cotton, with fringed ends, and are often long and rectangular, perfect for a table runner. They can also withstand the heat of hot pots and pans, which is very handy for large self-serve dinner parties. Papel picado is the art of paper cutting, and whilst the finished panels are usually made for hanging in windows, they can also be used as placemats or coasters using thicker paper or plastic. They are readily available to order online, and can be custom made to suit the occasion. Modern cut-out felt placemats and coasters also have the papel picado look, if you are looking for an alternative.

Decorations are not strictly limited to tableware, either. Centerpieces are a fantastic way to adorn the table for special events, and can include a myriad of Mexican items, including but not limited to maracas, sombreros, figurines, flags and even small guitars. Items can also include anything with a Mexican themed motif, for example, serviettes with pictures of chili.

Decorations That Go Great With The Mexican Theme

There are some great, simple ways to tie in with the Mexican theme without necessarily buying Mexican items. Straw weave is a fantastic idea for placemats, table runners and coasters, and is a common enough theme that it is fairly readily available. Centerpieces can also include a Mexican theme, such as chili plants, cacti and poinsettia, which are all common Mexican plants.

Lastly, but most importantly, color scheme also plays a big role in making the table decorations harmonious. Choosing a very earthy, darker tone of the traditional red, green and yellow of Christmas will get the Mexican look instantly.

Beautiful Dishes

The most beautiful way to really liven up the table is with traditional ceramic dishware. Talavera dishware is the most recognizable and suitable for using as platters, and also gives a wonderfully authentic look to the table. Pottery from Tonalá and Tlaquepaque is also highly suitable with its thick glaze. Other types of ceramics, such as barro negro or Mata Ortiz, does not have a glaze, and is too porous for wet foods, and is generally not made into tableware.

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