African American Women Hairstyles

The flat iron is great for styling African American hair as it can create a variety of cute and attractive African American women hairstyles. This article will show you the different African American women hairstyles using a flat iron.

Straight Hairstyle

Among the many African American hairstyles that use the flat iron is the smooth and silky straight hairstyle. This hairstyle is great for women with medium length hair as it can be easily ironed to create  smooth and straight hair.  In fact, a lot of African American celebrities such as Tyra Banks and Beyonce have been spotted sporting a straight hairdo.

To create this look, you must first detangle your hair using a wide-tooth comb. If you have coarse and frizzy hair, you should comb your hair thoroughly. Before ironing your hair, divide and clip your hair into small sections. This will make it easier for you to iron your hair.

Curled Hairstyle

Typically, a flat iron is used to straighten hair. However, you can also use it to curl the ends of your hair. This can create a wavy hairstyle, slightly curled bangs or even have the ends of your hair flipped. If you want to look different when you attend various events, you can opt for a curled hairstyle. Lightly wavy and curled ends can also make you look sophisticated and elegant.

To create a curled hairstyle, press the flat iron firmly on the root of your hair and slowly twist it downward. The tighter you twist the flat iron, the curlier your hair will be. To make the ends of your hair flip, twist the flat iron outwards when you reach the ends of your hair. This is one of the most common African American women hairstyles that celebrities wear to formal and important events.

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

A faux hawk is one of the African American women hairstyles that can only be sported by African American women with great confidence and attitude. This funky hairstyle is inspired by the mohawk style that is usually seen in men. R&B star Rihanna sported this faux hawk hairstyle when she attended the Grammys in 2010. This modern hairstyle is best for short and layered hair.

All you need is a flat iron and gel or hairspray to hold your hair. From the center of your head, comb your hair from the top going towards your face. Then, get sections of your hair that will be done in faux hawk and iron it in a forward and upward direction.  Use the hairspray or gel to hold the faux hawk in place. You can either style the front part of your faux hawk to look spiky or fall on your eye.

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