Deluxe Egyptian Costumes

Looking for deluxe Egyptian costumes? Discover the different options for a deluxe Egyptian costume…

The history of Egypt stands the test of time and has traveled many centuries. In the modern age we are still fascinated by the pharaohs, Egyptian queens as well as the fear instilling mummies. Whether it is sacred symbols or the dress of the Pharaoh and Queen, the memories and stature of the Egyptians still survives in modern-day.

Deluxe Egyptian Costumes for Parties

For men you can choose to be in full glory as the Egyptian pharaoh. With a deluxe Egyptian pharaoh costume you will be able to dress up like the pharaoh with a full head piece that has the symbol of the sun disk or the cobra on the forehead and is crafted to look like it is crafted out of gold and enameled with blue.

The black tunic is offset with the neck piece reflecting the same gold metal which is worked on blue enamel. The tunic fastened at the waist with the blue enameled belt made out of leather and a gold strip running through the circumference. The cuffs which are approximately 6 inches in length cover your entire wrist and partial forearm.

When you complete your makeup with a pale face and black kohl lined eyes you will actually be able to look at a reflection of the Pharaoh in the mirror.

Women can choose to dress as Queen Nefertiti or Queen Cleopatra. The beautiful white chiffon empire cut gown floating from the top to the bottom caresses your ankles. It is resplendent of the softness gloriously associated with the clothing of Egyptian royalty. The headdress includes the images of the sun disk, the goddess Isis as well as Uraei.

The cuffs cover your wrist in resplendent gold up to 5 inches in length. Of course one of the deluxe Egyptian costumes reflecting Cleopatra’s dress sense would be incomplete without the three headed cobra armband which was known to symbolically protect her and was her personal insignia.

For a teenager looking to dress up as one of the Egyptian princesses, why not choose a costume with a white ruffled dress that ends at the knee and is finished with gold and beaded shoulder straps. Along with this gold trim with blue, red and green is combined to suspend a golden medallion at the center of the dress. This deluxe Egyptian costume for the teen Princess has two armbands secured with elastic. The head piece for the teen Egyptian Princess costume has the same medallion as that suspended on the dress.

Deluxe Egyptian Mummy Costume for Halloween

If your young boy wants to scare the living daylights out of people why not equip him with the perfect horrifying mummy costume? With the grotesque mask covering the face and separate pants and a top made to look like it has linen strips binding the person together, you will never be able to tell that this is not a real mummy! In fact many of the linen strips hang loose and actually look like the mummy is unraveling after many years of decay.

Perfect ways to enjoy an exotic fancy dress party is by using deluxe Egyptian costumes for all age groups and create a unique modern-day Egyptian family of your own.

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