Bataclan Paris

Want to learn more about the Bataclan in Paris? Read on for facts and info on this historical theater and concert venue in Paris…

La Bataclan is regarded as being a highly revered nightspot in Paris. The foundations for this unique theater house were laid down back in the mid 19th century. Over the years the La Bataclan has hosted many theater performances and concerts.

There are a number of things that make the La Bataclan special. First of all it carries the vintage charm of the French art scene as experienced through the ages. The arty feel works well to create the perfect ambiance for the kind of performances that are held in the auditorium. Intimate seating has also been incorporated in the event venue which makes it an excellent place to perform. Furthermore state of the art programming has been introduced in La Bataclan which has further raised its value.

Over the passage of time a great number of concerts and theatrical performances have been held in the La Bataclan in Paris. The venue was used by Edith Piaf during the days when he was hardly known by anybody. Another thing that makes the venue valuable is its central location in the city which provides easy access from all corners of the city.

Cons of the La Bataclan

Although the venue is counted amongst the top places to host theatrical performances and concerts, it is not without its drawbacks. Perhaps the biggest drawback of the venue is the fact that it is not air conditioned. To top it off the place has a poor ventilation system. This means you might be very well regretting the venue in hot summer nights. Another glitch in the services of the La Bataclan is that there is absolutely no food service at the place at all. This means you will either have to come with your stomach full or carry your snacks with you. In fact you may very well not be allowed to take any foods and drinks inside the auditorium as is generally the rule.

La Bataclan Design

The venue is situated on the 11th arrondissement which makes it a central location in the city. It has the capacity to host a total of 1500 people which makes it an excellent place to conduct large events. The venue is composed of a ground floor along with the main floor both of them having no seating facilities at all. The seating arrangement has been incorporated in the mezzanine floor.

The interior of the Bataclan displays a unique fusion of classic cabaret elements that have been fused together with contemporary rock bar aesthetics. You will also find the inside walls of the building to be adorned with classical paintings depicting iconic scenes from the history of street theater and vaudeville. The high ceiling building is quite breathable yet at the same time it has a cozy feeling which creates a unique ambiance for the audience. The La Bataclan is one of the oldest and most prestigious venues in all of Paris and is held in high esteem even today.

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