Egyptian Costume Jewelry

Want to buy Egyptian costume jewelry? Read on to explore the kind of variety that you will be able to find the market…

Egyptian costume jewelry is amongst the first jewelry that was produced for the specific purpose of ornamentation. Originally it was developed to complement a certain attire or costume. In the early 1930s Egyptian costume jewelry came into the mainstream as a cheap alternative to conventional high end jewelry.

Costume jewelry by its nature is meant to be disposable. It was meant to complement a specific dress and would soon be outdone by emerging fashion trends. Egyptian costume jewelry is not made from exquisite building materials such as other Egyptian jewelry was made using gold and precious gemstones. The most commonly used materials for Egyptian costume jewelry is base metals, plastic, glass and a variety of synthetic stones that are meant to serve as the alternative for precious materials.

Some fine examples of Egyptian costume jewelry are as follows:

Gold Snake Armband

This particular piece of Egyptian jewelry is part of the Cleopatra costume jewelry collection. It is an adjustable bracelet that replicates the styles conventionally sported by belly dancers in Egypt. It can also be worn with a Cleopatra costume. The bracelet rolls around like a snake’s body and has a cobra head at the top.

Vintage Egyptian Revival Brass Pharaoh Tassel Necklace

This is yet another classic piece of Egyptian costume jewelry. It features a three dimensional profile of the pharaoh in the form of a pendant. The necklace has been created according to the Egyptian revival style of decoration. It is worn around the neck with a brass octagonal cable link which measures a total of 36 inches in length. The beautiful pendant has been finished off with a pink rhinestone accent and measures 5 inches in length.

Egyptian Eye of Horus Udjat Ring
This piece features one of the most important ancient Egyptian mythological symbol which is the Eye of Horus. This symbol was assigned to one of the most powerful deities for the Egyptians, namely the Sky God Horus. It features a number of other symbols along with the eye of Horus such as the Udjat which have been meticulously crafted into the surface of the ring.

Egyptian Roman Necklace Costume Chain Jewelry

This is a rather unique piece of ancient Egyptian jewelry that showcases the Roman influences as well. It features the profile of an Egyptian pharaoh wearing an elaborately decorated head dress. It comes along with a 26 inch long chain and the pendant can be resized by a clasp closure. This particular jewelry article is unisex and can be worn by both male and female.

Above mentioned are just some fine examples giving you an idea of the kind of Egyptian style costume jewelry that you will be able to find in the market. This kind of jewelry is not usually worn for adornment purposes rather it comes into use for theatrical performances and events such as Halloween and costume parties.

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