Value Of Canadian Coins

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If you’re a collector of Canadian coins, then you’re probably aware that the value of Canadian coins exceeds their face value depending on the metal content and the age of the coin. As a collector, you’ll learn that the market for Canadian coins is a fast growing one that sees many valuable coins change hands for a price everyday. Keeping a collection of Canadian coins minted several decades previously or even in the last few centuries is a cherished legacy as you’re maintaining a part of Canadian history.

When you specialize in a particular period of Canadian coins, you’ll be able to learn more about the value of Canadian coins from catalogues such as Haxby’s Coins of Canada or The Charlton Standard Catalog of Canadian Coins. Start your collection by deciding on what period of coin issue you’d like to keep. Then you can start to buy coins for your collection.

How much you can afford to purchase largely depends on the value of Canadian coins that you wish to acquire. By investing in numismatics, which is the official term of collecting coins and banknotes, you’ll learn that the older and more damaged your coin is, the more valuable it’s probably going to be. Don’t attempt to solder parts that are chipped. You’ll decrease its value considerably.

Selling Canadian Coins

You may decide that you want to sell your collection of Canadian coins at some point. The value of Canadian coins can properly be gauged by contacting a dealer who is prepared to see and price your collection. You could get a better bargain for your Canadian coins by attending a coin show where several coin dealers may be present. Show them your collection and get an estimate of the price your coins will fetch. You can then trade your coins for cash with prospective dealers or interested buyers and investors. Coins in mint condition will fetch far higher prices than damaged coins.

In the fast growing numismatic market of Canada, you can get a fair estimate of the value of Canadian coins in your collection from a coin dealer. Preserve your coins well to fetch a higher value when selling them to interested buyers.

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