Egyptian Mau Kittens

Want to buy Egyptian Mau kittens? Read on for interesting facts and info on this ancient breed before getting yourself an Egyptian Mau kitten…

The Egyptian Mau is a historical cat that is totally unique in terms of its appearance. What makes the Egyptian Mau unique is the fact that it is the only living naturally spotted domesticated feline in the world. If you are looking to acquire Egyptian Mau kittens to keep them as pets then it is advised that you find out a little bit more about them so as to appreciate them to their fullest.

Egyptian Mau History

The Egyptian Mau is categorized as a medium large cat that sports a short-haired naturally spotted coat. In fact the body of the Mau cat is also spotted even without the coat of hair. This can be clearly seen on a shaved specimen from the species. This particular breed is regarded as being an ancient relic because it has remained unchanged for over 3000 years. This fact is 100% true and can be seen by comparing the modern-day Egyptian Mau cat to the depiction of the cat that have been found in archaeological findings dating back to more than 3000 years ago. The depictions seem to be spot on as if to be describing the cat as we see it today.

There are other specimens of spotted cats such as the Bengal cat and the Ocicat breeds but these differ from the Egyptian Mau with respect to the fact that the latter is a completely natural species whereas the former two have been derived by crossing domesticated cats with other wildcats. This is why the Egyptian Mau is also smaller than most other spotted breeds. Even when you compare the size of the Egyptian Mau kittens to other spotted kittens you will be able to find a striking difference in their size.

The Egyptian Mau Characteristics

Credited as being the progenitor of many of the modern domesticated cats the Egyptian Mau differ from other cats with respect to their metabolism and behavior. They tend to be extremely temperature sensitive much more than other domesticated cats. In particular Egyptian Maus are not very comfortable in regions that experience high temperatures. They have also been observed to be far more sensitive to medicines than other domesticated cats.

The Egyptian Mau cat is lauded for its high level of intelligence. It is also known to be a very social animal that establishes strong bonding relationships with its owners as well as others of its own kind. Mau cats are known for giving dogs a run for their loyalty and they are also known to treat their owners much in the same manner as dogs do when they enter through the door.

Although they are quite affectionate towards their owners the fact that they have a very alert nature does not make them the ideal lap cat rather Egyptian Maus are more likely to be running around the house although they are not known to be hazardous. Their high sense of alertness has also made them popular cats amongst farmers as they have been helpful in reducing the rodent and rat population on farmlands.

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