Egyptian Medicines

Interested in unique Egyptian Medicines? Read on to discover how Egyptian medicine considered the human body required a free flow of fluids in order to retain optimum health…

The harsh desert climate of Egypt resulted in quite a few fractures and injuries on its people. This led to the development of basic remedies which were used to treat common ailments like blindness, broken bones, chronic arthritis and stomach ailments among others. Egyptian physicians believed that in order for the human body to be in optimum condition all the fluids of the body must flow uninterrupted. The human body was often linked with the mythology of the River Nile and its tributaries requiring the free flow to propagate the land. Similarly the human body required oxygen and blood to flow freely inside the body whereas semen, urine and feces were to be removed from the body for good health.

Scope and Application of Egyptian medicine

After trying out basic home remedies which utilized items like coriander, cumin and figs to treat common ailments for stomach and joints, if the patient still did not recover, they would go ahead and visit the physician.

The physician was required to follow a prescribed form of treatment as mentioned in the medical Papyri and any deviation would result in his knowledge being taken away from him. This restriction was perhaps the main reason that Egyptian medicine did not evolve into a vast science like that found in other cultures.

There are many ancient medical records found for Egyptian medicine and these list cures for 200 illnesses. Treatment was dependent on the amount of money the patient had and could include anything from surgery, liquid medicine, lotion or even an enema if required.

Ingredients Used In Egyptian Medicines

The basic ingredient was the patient’s faith in the physician along with the power of their mind to promote healing and well-being. The ancient Egyptian medicines were made out of animal products as well as toxic materials apart from natural ingredients commonly found in the country.

Animal parts sometimes included brain, liver or even bile which was utilized as magical remedies and worked as a magical potion to cure the patient. Natural ingredients saw the use of honey as an antibiotic, coriander and mint for stomach ailments while fig was utilized to cure bronchial tract diseases. Apart from this toxic minerals like arsenic or copper along with lead when used with caution by an experienced physician and were considered very effective in curing different ailments.

Egyptian Medicines from the Medical Papyri

The records of Egyptian medicines can be found in the 110 page document which dates back to 1534 BCE and contains over 700 formulas for common ailments afflicting the Egyptian people. This beautiful medical record was copied from the original source which was created in the first dynasty, circa 3000 BCE during the reign of pharaoh Den.

Diseases like cancer and issues relating to contraception, the digestive tract, and dental health as well as unique pregnancy tests are mentioned in this medical record along with cures for ailments besieging the Egyptians. The hieratic script reveals an accurate analysis of the human circulation system which shows the human heart as the source of blood supply and even talks about emotional conditions like depression which afflicts the heart.


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