Costa Rica Eco Tours

Looking for eco tours in Costa Rica? Want an educational wildlife tour that lets you see exotic reptiles in their natural habitat? Our guide to Costa Rica eco tours gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations in Central America for tourists coming from the US as well as further a flied.  While Costa Rica has long been established as a vacation destination because of it’s beautiful beaches and sea based activities, more recently there has been a surge in interest in eco tours in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is in many ways an idyllic paradise with 27% of the countries total land mass being taken up by unspoiled natural reserves and national parks.

Educational eco tours Costa Rica

Eco tours in Costa Rica are proving particularly popular with groups of young students who come here as part of a school or college filed trip. Often times the students that participate in these Costa Rica Eco Tours are doing so as part of a college requirement involving filed research into various plant and animal life in the Costa Rican wilderness. Not only are such tours educational, but they also provide a great amount of adventure and require a fair amount of resilience as often these eco tours last for several days and involve sleeping in the jungles of Costa Rica.

Wildlife Eco Tours Costa Rica

However, eco tours in Costa Rica have become a lot more common in recent years and the type of customer is by no means restricted to students doing some type of educational work. Many customers signing up to go on these tours in Costa Rica are simply tourists on vacation who want to do something different from sunbathing on the beach all day. Many tour operators in Costa Rica incorporate several outdoor activities into their tours such as horse back riding and white water rafting which adds to the appeal of these tours for a broader cross section of people.

Costa Rica is home to many volcanoes which can also be explored on many eco tours. Although many of the volcanoes in Costa Rica are dormant, there are some that are still active, such as the famous Arenal volcano. Many eco tour operators in Costa Rica incorporate a trip to this volcano in their tours and the chance to swim in the volcano- heated waters surrounding the actual volcano always proves a popular way to spend a couple of hours after a long hike through the jungles of Costa Rica.

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