Egyptian mythological symbols hidden in American products & landmarks

Scholars have long pointed towards the inclusion of several Egyptian symbols in American life. If you want to know more about these archaic symbols in modern day US, read our guide for more facts and information….

Even though most scholars concurred that many of the symbols used in the US have Egyptian origins, the thought garnered mainstream attention after the controversial book Da Vinci Code turned into an overnight success. Though most experts point to the connection of these symbols with the Free Masons and suggest that their inclusion is in all likelihood due to the prominent position held by several Masons in the American society.

Some of the most visible symbols include the Washington monument shaped like an Egyptian obelisk, the pyramid and the all Seeing Eye used on currency bills and finally the five pointed stars on the American flag. There is also some talk about the apparent parallelism between the statue of Liberty and the Egyptian Goddess with many believing that the statue is in fact a depiction of Isis the goddess of nature, magic and motherhood.

The Washington Monument: The obelisk shaped structure is considered to be the most profound symbol of democracy in the world. The fact that the structure is obelisk shaped is certainly not a secret. However many scholars believe that the Egyptian design can be attributed to the fact that the principle architects of the structure were Free masons and they constructed the monument at the behest of another prominent Free Mason George Washington. The obelisk is the ancient Egyptian symbol for the spirit of the Sun god Ra. The Masonic tradition imbibed this symbol from the ancient Egyptians. It also has sexual connotations and could have been used as a phallic symbol.

The Pyramid and the all Seeing Eye: These are by far the most conspicuous Egyptian symbols used in the US. The Pyramidal structure was used in the construction of everything from temples to palaces in ancient Egypt. It held profound importance in the ancient Egyptian culture since it represented the land that rose from the sea of chaos to save the inhabitants of Egypt. The all Seeing Eye is a Masonic depiction of ancient the Egyptian symbol of the Eye of Horus or Eye of Ra. The symbol was supposed to ward off evil.

The Five Pointed Stars: The stars on the flag of America had six pints originally but these were later changed to five pointed stars. This symbol was important to the ancient Egyptians as well as the freemasons. According to the Egyptians the five points of the star represent the forces of earth, wind, fire, water and spirit.

The Statue of Liberty: It is believed that the statue was initially designed as an effigy of the Egyptian Goddess Isis. The crown is supposed to represent the ray of the sun as depicted in Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

There are many other symbols used in American products and landmarks which can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Their inclusion is a highly debated matter with fingers being pointed towards the Free Masons and other Pagan sources.


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