Egyptian Wedding Dresses

Want to buy Egyptian wedding dresses? Read on to discover the various elements of design that dictate the Egyptian wedding dress sense…

The ancient Egyptians are credited for being the first of people to formulate specific marriage laws and traditions. Egyptian style wedding dresses are known for their grandeur and sophistication which was brilliantly fused together with a comfortable style to produce something that looked good and was easy to carry by the bride.

Gold Accents

When it comes to Egyptians wedding dresses gold accents are an excellent way to embellish the wedding gown. Traditionally the wedding dresses used to be very long and draping on the floor. This provided an ample amount of canvas space which could be decorated using gold accents.

Angular embroidery was very common in Egyptian dresses especially at the top of the hem. This could be nicely complemented with gold paneling. Gold details on the area of the bust are another trademark feature of Egyptian wedding dresses. In order to complete the Egyptian wedding dress brides would often wear gold colored shoes and gold jewelry. Alternatively some Egyptian women also choose to wear a lavish white gown that is adorned with intricate needlework in gold from top to bottom.

Classic Egyptian Styling

Traditionally the most popular material used for creating clothing in Egypt was linen. This served as the ideal fabric for the hot climate that Egypt experienced. However when it came to important events like wedding ceremonies a more formal fabric was chosen. When it comes to the styling of the dress then the structured gown was perhaps the most common Egyptian style wedding dress throughout history. The dresses would often have a number of pleats and intricate folds that would create a very lavish look for the gown.

Egyptian Bridal Fashion

Egypt is considered to be the breeding ground for the concept of henna art. The use of henna to create temporary tattoos was very common amongst brides. Intricate designs would be painted upon their hands before the wedding. In fact there would be a special “females only” party prior to the big day in which the bride’s hands would be decorated with henna. In some cases the designs would also be made on their feet.

Egyptian women would almost always complement their wedding dress with a shawl that could be used to wrap around their shoulders and in many cases the bride would be made to cover her head with the shawl. Exquisite Egyptian wedding shawls are made using asuit and are hand woven often featuring geometrical patterns. The traditional style of embroidery commonly featured on wedding shawls is known as tulle embroidery where the designs would be woven using sterling silver wire.

Depending upon the status of the bride she could also be wearing a matching head piece with her gown. The most commonly used head piece was a gold crown that would be carved in the shape of a snake. Crocheted and beaded headpieces were also popular amongst brides.

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