German Army Goretex Jacket

The German Army goretex jacket is made of a unique material that is not only waterproof but also breathable, making it quite a suitable wear in varying weather conditions. Read our guide for more facts and information…

With unpredictable weather conditions around, waterproof jackets are a handy and practical wear. As they are usually carried along, light weight jackets are preferable. Besides, zippers, seams, draw-cords and pockets should be convenient to use, whether the wearer is skiing or motorcycling. Another important aspect is that they should not be sweaty and uncomfortable. German Army goretex jackets are distinct in the sense that they not only prevent wetness on the exterior but also prevent sweat from getting trapped within.

The Goretex technology in German Army jackets

Goretex consists of a three-layered laminated fabric, which is constructed using a powerful membrane technology. The outermost layer namely, Teflon has billions of tiny pores of microscopic size. The special characteristic of these pores is that each of them is smaller than a water molecule, but bigger than a water vapor molecule. To be more precise, each pore is about 1/200000 the size of a water molecule, but about 70000 times the size of a water vapor molecule. Therefore, water droplets from rain cannot enter into the jacket, while vapor from the body’s sweat can escape outside. The breathability of the fabric is highly useful when the temperature difference is wide. A DWR (Durable Water Repellant) coating on the outside prevents water accumulation on the outside of the jacket, which would otherwise clog the pores, obstructing the escape of sweat. Apart from being waterproof and breathable, the jacket is also windproof.

Other features of German Army Goretex jacket

These goretex jackets are available in several sizes and can serve as a lightweight overcoat. Additional features such as Velcro-cuffs, drawstring hoods and pockets make them even more attractive. Further, they are tailored to be durable, and their fasteners, both zippers and press-studs, are conveniently handy for cold fingers and rough touches. The color and pattern on these jackets particularly remind of the camouflage patterns of the army jackets. The Fleck tarn pattern, resembling a digital camouflage pattern, comprising a few colored spots with a dithering effect, is much popular. In the German language, Fleck tarn means ‘spotted camouflage.’  The purchase of German Army goretex jackets also includes a 100% guarantee, which can be availed in case they lack the prescribed features.

Use of German Army Goretex jacket

Tough weather conditions require a comfortable wear, which is basically protective. For instance, in mountain weather, people wear thick fleeces to keep themselves warm, and hence a waterproof jacket must be efficient in eliminating the moisture caused by profuse sweating of warm clothes. Wearing wet clothes could make a person sick, even to the extent of developing pneumonia. A German Army goretex jacket therefore has high utility. It can be worn during many outdoor activities like hunting, camping, skiing and others.
Though, essentially designed as a weather jacket with utilitarian properties for health and comfort, German Army goretex jackets have also made an impact in the fashion trend.

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