South African Cape Fisherman’s Houses

Looking to visit the South African cape fisherman’s houses? Learn more about Kalk Bay and the amazing South African cape fishermen houses…

When a Philippine vessel was wrecked off the coast of Cape Point many sailors settled in Kalk Bay thereby building that community. More slaves, ship-wrecked people and other settlers filled in the region’s population eventually making it a multi-cultural homeland. With a railway line and other infrastructural developments, the town flourished. It went on to become a vacation goer’s favorite spot. There are majestic mountains rising high there and it is a very healthy location with clear mountain air.

It is home to the last few functional harbors in South Africa that acts as a habitat for a fishing community that proudly holds on to its heritage. There is a treasure trove of enjoyable activities to be found here. Amazing eateries include the Harbor House, Octopus’s Garden, Cape to Cuba, Klipkantien, The Out span, Habaneros and not to forget Kalky’s Fish and Chips a short walk from the Fisherman’s Cove.

Art galleries, curio shops, antique stores and studios abound along with bric-a-brac shops on the Main Road. The South African cape fisherman’s houses provide an ideal destination for holiday makers. Local and foreign visitors both love the area due to the relaxed harbor lifestyle and indigenous mix of people. The fishermen sell their catch to visitors both local and foreign along with the bohemian shop owners. There are a variety of activities and cuisines available at the Kalk Bay in Cape Town.

Private Cottages

The area known as Fisherman’s Cove is just off the main road. Home to 6 amazingly outfitted and furnished cottages; the property is a few 100 years old and was once a fish market. Renovated to reflect charm and warmth, 6E Windsor Road has character and simplicity.

Offering an open plan living, the cottage has a lovely bedroom with a bathroom and living area. It is perfect for a couple, but also has a spare bed in the lounge below. A romantic winter getaway is possible with a quaint Queen Anne fireplace and a huge old-fashioned stove that can be used to create pot roast and soups. The place also has an outsized bath to indulge in.

Kalk Bay is a fishing village right in between the mountains and the sea at a distance of 30 minutes from central Cape Town. It retains a quiet charm at this distance and the village dates back to the 17th century. The name comes from the Dutch term for lime and was established by Dutch lime stone miners. Thereafter it was a Dutch military outpost and in the early 19th Century it flourished as both a fishing village and whaling station.

Activities in the Fisherman’s Cape Cottage Region

Imagine swimming in one of the the warmer portion of the Atlantic Ocean. The locals are equally fond of the Kalk Bay tidal pool. Enjoy the boulders penguin colony, whale watching, surfing and body boarding in the water. Hiking and mountain treks along with snorkeling and scuba diving are enjoyed, while intrepid fans of kayaking can take one out to sea! There is a local cultural movie viewing held at the Kalk Bay Community Centre on a monthly basis.


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