Japanese Garden Statues

Find out how you can put the finishing touches on your Japanese garden by adding Japanese garden statues and other decorative ornaments…

The Japanese garden consists of many different elements. When all the major work is done with then comes the time where you have to decide how to adorn your garden with Japanese garden decorations in order to truly capture that oriental feel.

There is a wide range of decoration items available specifically for this purpose. Although this is one of the last things that you will be doing for your Japanese garden it is these items that will help you hit home with the Japanese touch.

There are numerous shops that deal in artifacts especially designed for Japanese gardens. The range of items that you will be able to find in these stores is quite extensive. If you want to be true to the Japanese spirit then it would be a good idea to stick to the traditional decorative elements that the Japanese have been using to adorn their gardens.

Amongst the classic items that have been used throughout the changing centuries as a means of decorating the Japanese garden are statues. Such statues are purely decorative but nonetheless continue to have a timeless appeal. If you are looking to give your garden that authentic Japanese touch then strategically placing specially designed Japanese garden statues is the way to go.

There is a wide variety of the kind of statues that you will be able to get for your garden. You may purchase a complete statue of just a part of a Japanese sculpture and place that in a manner that it becomes a beautiful centre piece in the garden.

Another ornamental feature that puts the Japanese stamp of authenticity on the garden is a stone lantern. Stone lanterns bring both light and grace to the garden. Such lanterns are different from the ordinary lanterns that you will be able to find because they are solely decorative. At the same time they are very practical and long lasting.

Since we live in the age of electricity the decorative stone lanterns of today will not be functioning with oil and a wick. Rather most of the decorative stone lanterns come predrilled with electric cabling. These hand crafted lanterns are constructed from natural granite and the fact that they are frost resistant adds to their physical beauty with aging.

If your Japanese garden has a Japanese shed then you are going to need certain elements to bring in the oriental touch. Hanging bells from the edge of the ridged tiled roof is one of the classic Japanese techniques of decorating the shed. The decorative bells can be accompanied by scrolls or ancient masks that have been part of the tradition of Japan.

The list of oriental ornaments that can be used for the purpose of enhancing the aesthetic value of a Japanese garden is extensive. Other typical decorative elements include adding a unique looking water basin, hand crafted granite ornaments, pagodas, bamboo products such as gates and fences along with bridges and other garden furniture.

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