German Army Quilted Insulated Pant Liners

German Army pants may be worn over quilted insulated pant liners, comprising wool stitched between rayon layers in order to cope with extremely cold weather conditions. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Extended cold weather conditions require a layered clothing system which provides insulation against cold or cutting wind and allows the regulation of body temperature. The army which is prone to spend much time in such areas utilizes a military survival kit comprising snow goggles, hand-warmer pockets, winter gloves, hats, blankets, camp stoves and so on. During the war-period, the German Army used exclusive clothing to cope with harsh winters, such as fleece-lined parkas and quilted pant liners that provided insulation against extreme cold.

Features of the quilted insulated pant liner

The quilt lining consists of a double-diamond lining pattern, reminiscent of the vintage style. The seam is sewed with double needle lapping, in order to render durability. These pant liners were either worn under the standard uniform pants or worn alone with high-top boots. They either have a draw string waist or an elastic waist to render a comfortable fit.  The cuffs and ankles may also be elasticated.

Working of quilted liners

The quilted trousers have a relatively shorter length, as they can just fit into the top of the high boots, which are also worn during cold weather. They function like a quilted blanket wrapped around the legs. The insulated padding consists of a few layers of wool sewn between a few layers of rayon or similar fabric. Cotton is not used as it absorbs sweat from the body. The rayon or nylon material that is used in the quilt-lining has water-repellant properties, which is an added advantage. The padding has a lightweight feature, which makes it convenient without giving a feeling of bulkiness.

Uses of quilted pant liners in German Army pants

These pants are constructed to wear alone or under other garments, and provide extra warmth for outdoor activities during winter. They are very useful for skiing expeditions, hunting ventures and mountain-trekking activities. They serve like Arctic survivor pants for those involved in activities in snow-clad regions like the Arctic. Besides providing exceptional warmth, they safeguard the skin from the harsh and cold wind. Quilted shirt liners, worn under parkas, have button arrangements that easily attach to these pants, and provide the essential warmth for the upper and lower body as well.

German Army quilted insulated pant liners are available as army surplus products in surplus stores. There are several websites that offer them at attractive prices. Further, they are produced as reproduction clothing, owing to their unique utility features that come in handy during unbearable winters.

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