City of Vigo Galicia Spain

Want to learn more about the city of Vigo Galicia in Spain? Read on for facts and info on the important port city of Vigo in Gaclicia…

Vigo is regarded as being the largest and most heavily populated area of Galicia. Current statistics show that the region is inhabited by more than 300,000 people. If you include the entire municipality of Vigo then there are about half a million people in the region that spans over 110 km².

The city is considered to be the economic powerhouse of Galicia. However it has not been established as a provincial or regional capital. The cityscape expands from the Bay of Vigo and upon entering the first noticeable feature is that of the motorway at the arcs around and above the city. Along the way you’ll be able to notice massive portside developments.

The largest city is remarkably clean and many of its parts have amazing things to offer. In recent years Vigo has started attracting a large number of tourists from around the world. The unique mixed history, a modern cosmopolitan outlook and beautiful beaches are among the major attractions of Vigo.

Vigo serves as a major port city and has immense economic importance. It is for this reason that the Spanish government has invested money in the development of the transportation network. Hence travelers to the region will be able to find easy access to the city. It is well-connected via major highways to other Spanish regions of Madrid, Pontevedra, Santiago and la Coruna. The city also has its own railway station and an airport that is currently experiencing massive expansion. Interested travelers will be able to find many cheap flights that will take one to the airport.

In recent years the massive port of Vigo has developed as a departure point for cruise liners that go all across the Atlantic coast of Europe. It also has its own massive marina and one of the largest yacht clubs in all of Spain. Tourists to the region will also be able to take sightseeing trips that are arranged down from the marina.

The recent development in Vigo has given a big boost to tourism industry. The region enjoys high summer temperatures and winters tend to be far more comfortable than other places in Galicia. This is primarily due to the sheltered and protected strategic location of the city.

Despite the fact that the city has numerous tourist attractions it has been one of the lesser explored regions of Spain. The fact that the city is popularized as a commercial center tends to give the impression that it does not have much to offer to tourists. However things have started to change in recent years and the city has now become a great place to go on a vacation.

Since people tend to have a distorted impression of Vigo they are pleasantly surprised as well as impressed when they visit Vigo for the first time. Particularly impressive are the old quarters of the city where architectural structures from ancient times are still standing. Along with this the city of Vigo has beautiful natural vistas to relish.


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