Jamaican Slap Chop

Jamaican slap chop sounds like some new type of martial art that should be making its way into extreme fighting competitions. To find out more about it read our guide for facts & information…

It’s a lot less exciting or interesting than MMA competitions. In fact, Jamaican Slap Chop is nothing more than another inane viral video making its way through the internet. It started off as a short infomercial about yet another kitchen gadget when someone decided it would be better with a Jamaican voice over.

What Is a Slap Chop?

The slap chop is actually a rather old fashioned kitchen gadget that has blades enclosed in a casing and a spring loaded handle. Food is placed on a surface and the slap chop is centered over the food. Pushing down on the handle forces the blades down and chops the food into fine pieces. It’s a bit like a manual food processor, and the food has to be cut into fairly small pieces to fit under the gadget. Similar gadgets were popular during the 1940s and 1950s, but most of them  were fitted over glass jars which was a lot easier on counter tops. Small electric food processors work better and are reasonably priced, and original infomercial is proof that people will buy almost anything if it’s marketed right.

Why a Jamaican Slap Chop?

Apparently some bored soul felt that the original infomercial wasn’t idiotic enough and decided that it would be better if the voice on the infomercial was Jamaican and the product was a weapon as well as a kitchen gadget. The revised video hit U-tube and went viral with everyone passing it along to friends and acquaintances. The Jamaican monologue is supposed to be funny, unfortunately it is about as inane as the original infomercial. Granted, the musical male Jamaican voice is pleasant to listen to if you don’t pay attention to the words. The humor is the sort that men indulge in after they’ve had a few too many beers.

The Jamaican Slap Chop Is Just Another Viral Video

It is likely that the makers of the slap chop are delighted at all the free publicity this viral video has garnered for them. The unlikely things that people find amusing is just amazing. The original infomercial was probably just as funny as the Jamaican version, but nobody put it on U-tube. Why it is funnier with a Jamaican accent and low humor is a question for the ages.

Anyone who wants to view the Jamaican slap chop video can just search the internet to come up with a dozen websites showing this less than fascinating piece of work. Truthfully, most of the videos featuring stupid pet, or stupid people tricks are a lot funnier.

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