German Motorcycle Helmets

Interested in the German motorcycle helmet? Learn more about the history of the German motorcycle helmets developed in World War II…

During the World War II motorcycles were utilized by the military for routine errands. This resulted in the development of motorcycle helmets, and one of the first styles was the German motorcycle helmet.

The style of the German motorcycle helmet followed the army battle helmets used by the German army. It is the basis of all the helmets designed to date. While most of them diver in how much they cover, the basic designs are the same. In fact, today some of the newly crafted German motorcycle helmets have been authorized and approved by the D.O.T. for use in regular motorcycle riding.


There is no face protection shield on a German motorcycle helmet. The basic description is that of a half shell of a turtle. The colors are different with decals along with the chin strap. Black is perhaps the most common color, followed by chrome which gives a flare to the helmet. A pink colored helmet is available for women. The most durable helmets are made out of carbon fiber and are quite resilient.

Some of them are also covered with leather to give a semi glossy and smooth finish if one does not prefer the shine of the carbon fibers. The shiny black of the carbon fiber is often offset with flat black flames to make it an interesting and unique design. In order to get the right size for your head you will have to get someone to help you measure around your head with a cloth tape measure.

Measuring for a Helmet

To get accurate measurement the tape must be placed approximately one inch above the eyebrows and then run around the circumference of your head. If your measurement falls between two sizes then it is better to go for the smaller size. The chin strap can be used to adjust it to fit.

Eye Visors and Goggles

In order to get eye protection you will need a separate device because the German motorcycle does not offer any face protection or shield. If it is used on short road trips it can be used on its own, but for longer road trips proper eye protection is a must. Normally there are several kinds of tinted goggles that can be used. They come in gray, blue and yellow.

They can be fastened securely around the head with the use of a flexible strap. There are many trendy colors and finishes to choose from for a German motorcycle helmet like carbon fiber, chrome, leather or flat black flames. Apart from this, different sizes make for a comfortable fit. The style is original and transcends time to make motorcycle riding an enjoyable yet trendy experience.

Motorcycle helmets which are often known as the half top are classified as the German motorcycle helmet. Many people believe that they’re just popular because of the looks and do not offer practical safety.

However, with the present-day manufacture of durable materials the motorcycle helmets are exceptionally resilient. They are also certified by the different authorities for road safety and transportation. Hence, it is a fallacy to assume that the helmets do not offer enough protection. If combined with the right eye protection such as goggles, they are the perfect accompaniment for long road trips and everyday commute.

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