German Shepherd Dog Breeders

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German Shepherd breeders concentrate on retaining the original characteristics of the pure bloodlines of German Shepherds. None of them are fond of crossbreeding the German Shepherd with other dogs. When looking for a German Shepherd you must go to the right kennel and visit with the parents of the puppy in order to choose the right canine.

Choosing Breeders

There are many sites dedicated to high quality German Shepherd breeders and the breed itself. The more you know about the breed the more equipped you will be to make an informed decision when selecting your dog.

The German Shepherd has been popular since its development in Germany. Even though its popularity faded after World War II, its endearing characteristics and good work ethic has made it a long-standing companion for man.

There are German Shepherd breeders, search and rescue groups, trainers and specialists for behavioral training available across the world for this breed. Apart from this it is possible to purchase both adults and puppy German Shepherds as per your requirements.

Health Issues

There are different health-related issues which are found in this breed and they must be tested prior to being sold. Good quality breeders and credible kennels will actually provide health certificates to their clients.

When it comes to high quality dogs, the Lane County Kennel in America is known for the red and black top line German Shepherd that they raise. These are good show dogs, companionship dogs or even guard dogs because they have been trained for specific requirements. The breed is the Vom Haus Merkel bloodline. With more than four decades of preservation and breeding experience for the German Shepherd breed, and the credentials of the stock can be verified. Hundred percent authentic and imported German bloodlines are certified and can be traced back to SchH1, 2 or 3 and VA/V. Each of them has garnered top ranks in the Breed Survey Koerklasse 1.

Apart from this there is an option to choose the Fleischerheim German Shepherds from the credible breeders in America who have four decades of experience in retaining pure bloodlines. It is possible to get the 2 x World Sieger, VA1 Yasko vom Farbenspiel, SchH3, Kkl 1a accompanied by certification of authenticity. At von Rosegarden top-quality lines of German Schutzhund and Am. Ch. lines are inculcated.

Reasons For Choosing The Breeders For German Shepherd Puppies

The breeders regularly provide lifetime guarantees for the German Shepherd puppies. Since the dog has been overbred to do its popularity, there have been many diseases and genetic defects. This is why it is important to go for credible breeders who work on testing for genetic defects such as paling of colors, behavioral problems, shyness or an aggressive temperament and shoulder problems or hip dysplasia.

Each of the health tests must be accompanied by certificates to ensure that the breeder has worked on eliminating these problems in their litter. Go for the breeder who has pure German stock which has been imported from Germany to sire the puppy. This will result in more active and temperamentally sound dogs that are stable.

It is not a good idea to purchase German Shepherds from pet stores because the bloodline cannot be traced. Furthermore, a breeder will be able to show you the sire and dame for the bloodline. This will allow you to assess the temperament of each parent and understand what kind of puppy you will have. Furthermore, if you purchase it from a pet store the proprietor will not be able to tell you if the dog has certain health conditions like inflammation of the bones and joints. This can be aggravated further if the dog is placed on a protein diet. This could cause rapid growth and health complications for the dog.

Breeders like the reputed Kazaura are accredited by the kennel club and are also known as exhibitors of the German Shepherd. The family business provides a loving environment for the dogs. Trained as breeders with years of experience, they provide all the health certificates for dogs that are raised at their North Hamptonshire kennels in the village outside Daventry.

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